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  1. Hi Welcome from over the water in Harwich
  2. I saw it tonight for the first time and wow it was so bright. It's a shame it's behind the houses so I can't get my scope on it. But a lovely visual sight non the less.
  3. I tried out the Trial version last night and must say I was impressed. Very easy to use and worked straight away with my Canon 40D. Looks like another Astro purchase coming up.
  4. My latest effort: I now have motors on my EQ5 so can use the TAL x 3 Barlow. Conditions didn't seem to be too good but certainly a marked improvement on my previous efforts.
  5. I thought I would attempt this with my Canon 40D as I had all the bits and pieces available. Evostar 80ED on a EQ5 with motors 25 x 2 min at ISO 800 5 x 2 min darks Maxim DL Deepsky stacker - default settings Photoshop CS4 - Curves adjustment I admit I have no idea what I'm doing! I'd welcome comments on how I progress from here. Also a couple of the stars appear blobby, What would be the cause of this? Many thanks
  6. Dual motors for my eq5 and a Cambridge star atlas. My partner got me a lovely warm fleece and a warm base layer which is for my cycling but think may be used for the cold nights under the scope.
  7. Finally I have finished it. First billet went missing. Just waiting for a coat of paint
  8. Yes its 600mm ( f/7.5 ) Thanks that has given me a starting point.
  9. Hi My early Christmas present has arrived, an Evostar 80ED and although it will be mainly for imaging use I would like to use it for some visual. As for eyepieces I have the supplied 28mm 2" Skywatcher one and a few low quality 1.25" ones from an old refractor. What I would like is a reasonably high powered one for planetry use. Does anyone have any recommendations in the up to £100 price range?
  10. We often camp at Shottisham which is near Woodbridge. No streetlights and minimal light pollution. Hopefully I'll have room to pack the scope next time and give it a test.
  11. Looking good They are one of my planned targets so watching this thread with interest.
  12. Thanks for all the replies. The scope should arrive this week so I think I'll try the bag suggestion first to get a rough idea.
  13. Hi I've aquired a secondhand EQ-5 mouint while in excellent condition the counterweight is missing. I have the facilities to machine a replacement but need to know what weight it needs to be to balance a Skywatcher Evostar 80 ED? This will have a Canon 40D attached at some time in the future so I need to accomodate for this. Thanks
  14. Scope is a Celestron 114 EQ No Barlow I have a tal x3 but not yet used it. Not my best attempt as I seemed to get better results with my quickcam. I think I have to get more time in with the spc and sharpcap.
  15. There is my first attempt with the modded SPC880. Only a short capture as I had problems with the mount. Captured with Sharpcap, Processed with Registax 5.1 and resized in PS CS4
  16. Looks good for a 1st attempt. I have the same scope and am also just starting with webcam imaging. Have a look in the embarrising Jupiter webcam thread for some of my images.
  17. I enjoy listening to Astronomy cast Search iTunes for it
  18. drewk1

    hello hello

    Hello and welcome to SGL
  19. drewk1

    Hey new here.

    Hello and welcome
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