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  1. Took out my laptop with Stellarium on it tonight and my 15 x 70's, what a diffence having Stellarium there. Despite the moon i was picking out clusters quite easily having Stellarium there to guide me. Very cold though, me and my laptop could only last the hour, but very worthwhile.
  2. I have been out tonight and was looking for M57 ring nebula, was in the right area with the telrad, couldnt make out too much only one "star" that wouldnt focus on any ep, was this it do you think?
  3. My first ever report, still new and learning: Been on nights at work and have had my new Celestron 15 x 70 there waiting and last night was finally rewarded with clear skies. Fortunate to have work which comes in batches and allows me little windows of opportunity of 20 to 30 mins to have a quick look at the sky. Early on picked out M31, which i can find now with no problem, it covered the biggest area i think ive seen in my short time observing. Jupiter was another easy target, watched this throughout the night, seeing the moons alternate between 3 and 4 and moving from 9 o clock position to 11 o clock. Used Stellarium this morning to track what i was seeing with Jupiter and its moons and suprised how accurate i was. Cassiopea always worth a look and always find it amazing how many stars are up there, Pleiades once again easy to pick out and always brilliant. Had a good look at the moon before it sunk away, this looked stunning before sinking down below a bunker at work. Had at quick look at Auriga and could pick out a star cluster or two, but came back to this later, about 3 in the morning. Got round the darkest part of the plant at 3 in the morning to view Auriga and Orion. Was just amazed now how easy i could pick out the star clusters in Auriga with the naked eye and even better with the binos, only downside to this is i'm not sure which ones were which, but sure that the biggest ones must have been M36,37 or 38. Orion M42 looked like 4 stars (though mainly 3) surrounded by a grey mist, cant wait to get my scope on this later in the year. So a good night at work, highlight for me was seeing all the clusters in Auriga, must admit to not taking much notice of this before, but still learning.
  4. Thanks for your replies, wanted one around the 13 to 15 mm size, anyway have managed to find a new 13mm hyperion with a bit of discount so having that. Decided i wanted to try one ep with a decent quality to see the difference.
  5. Hi, Yes saw these 2 last night as i was studying Cassiopea through my bino's at work (tut tut) at around the same time, now i know what they were.
  6. Hi, I recently bought a 2nd hand Celestron 127 powerseeker scope to see how i get on with this hobby, doing ok and enjoying it. replace the eyepieces that came with it with a few plossl at around the £40 mark. With this kind of scope would i see much benefit from buying a better quality ep (i.e.baader hyperion thats for sale) or would the scope limit whats it worth buying. many thanks
  7. al55


    Hello and welcome to the SGL, have fun.
  8. Tonight i am on 12 hr nights on my first shift back after a week off, my new 15 x 70 binos (from FLO) are going with me.
  9. Should be a more reasonable time in December or even November depending on your viewing area.
  10. Live near Doncaster, they are flying roughly on an west to east line, not heard any noise from them, wonderful sight though.
  11. What are the birds i'm seeing flying over in the dark? Last night it was about 9pm, seen them a few times in the last month. Quite high up, lightish on the underside, look about geese size, been in a flock of at least 50 in a sraightish line with just a hint of a v formation. Wouldnt have thought many birds fly in the dark. Any bill oddies out there?
  12. I looked at Arcturus tonight through binos, was looking like it was changing colours all the time, so it probably was that. Unfortunately all clouded over now.
  13. Nice one on M31, don't expect to see too much from it, was my first one too. Find Cassiopea hard to find anything because theres so much up there, but i suppose we will learn in time.
  14. Hi and welcome to the SGL.
  15. Saw M31 a few weeks back and at last a clear sky tonight, M103 in Cassiopea was my target but once again couldnt seem to find it. Switched to Hercules and set the telrad to where i expected M13 to be, looked through the eyepiece and there it was:hello2:. Looked more like a smaller version of M31 than a cluster but a tick on the list, not many to go now!
  16. Hello and welcome, just come back from a few days in caernarfon.
  17. al55

    hi all :)

    Hi Rob, Welcome to the forum and have fun.
  18. al55

    Hello to everyone

    Hello and welcome to the SGL.
  19. Must admit Lulu I felt that guilty i only slept for the next 5 hours
  20. At last a bit of clear sky, managed to get a decent look at jupiter and managed to make out a little colour, a reddish brown stripe running across about quater way up. All 4 moons clearly visible including the one very close to it (europa i think). Had a quick look at M31, but could not find the one near cassiopea which number escapes me without looking it up. So at last a look at the sky, best night out of the 4 or 5 so far ive had since starting. Bedtime calls , work tomorrow:(.
  21. I poked my head through the back door at about 10pm last night to give the sky one more chance, only to gaze up at yet another orange blanket, no good, a bite to eat and a drink and off to bed. 2.30 am got up to go to gents room, walked through kitchen to see moonlight streaming through, looked throught he window to see stars twinkling away and a clear sky. Just for a few seconds it came in my mind to go outside and set up, then the call of a warm bed came into to my mind, the bed won. Does this mean i will not make it in this hobby or am i just sane?
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