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  1. H. How have you set the focus in day time?,If i was you id do the darks now at the temp you are going to be imaging at later,then when you have set the focus on a bright star and finished taking the light frames take the flats as the focus will be set to the lights,do not touch the focus or camera after light frames are taken,As for the planner make sure the use box is ticked,exposure time i use .100 with my el panal,repeat box how ever many you wont,delay box say 5secs between each frame,select folder to be saved to and what the file is called.
  2. Happy new year fellow star gazars,just got in half cut as they say,sky's so clear but do I set up to start imageing,would love to but don't think it would go so well,so best sleep,hope new year brings u health and clear nights.
  3. I have the celestron 15x70 ok for looking at the moon and stars no good at all on Jupiter just get glare so maybe my collimation was out from new? Can others make out the bands of Jupiter with there's?
  4. Many thanks for the link James,first think i will push some rolled up card from wrapping paper tube up the baffle to get the length and shape correct.
  5. Quick question for those with celestrons cpc 800 etc,i seem to be getting a lot of bright halos on many of my astro images from the edge,and have read that flocking the primary baffle will help eliminate the problem,is the baffle tube same roundness size all way down or dose it go more narrow further in?.Has anybody tried this mod?.
  6. Well its looking clear here tonight for the first time in over 2months,last 3 nights been clear now and again but light showers would spoil play,so think i will start with m33,then switch to something else about 2 in morning.whats everybody else going for?
  7. Main orange glow in my town is from the big wood yard who seem to need to have every angle covered with big floodlights shineing on heaps of woodchip,to well off and not worried about the bill it seems,don't think it's possible do anything about it though.
  8. Was that the one about 19 mins past midnight,nice and blue in color?
  9. Hello Jaygopoo.The qhy8l i had from Bern had the cable clamp to all i had to do was remove the 2 black screws on the rear panel as the 2 spacers were already fitted inside so just replaced the screws with spacers then fitted plastic clamp over spacers,i keep the cables connected as just slackening the clamp screws still would not allow me to fit or remove cables,very poor but it works.
  10. Yeah had it of bern,just connected it all up and will leave it running see what happens,it may be as it was running off a 4 bank exstension lead,it's running off its own lead now,so will see how it goes.
  11. Well first long run with the qhy8l tonight,got to say im not to impressed,all started well let auto take it down to -20 so collapsed the temp screen out of the way,When i came to finish for the night and opened temp panel to warm up tec it was telling me temp was -51c and what ever i tried i could not get temp to rise,this temp reading must be incorrect surely else chip would have frosted witch it hadunt,i brought it into house and plugged it into my laptop and it was still saying -51c would'nt drop temp so i tapped the caseing of the qhy8l and it then started to warm up,I have the plastic cable clamp fitted and leave cables connected as no way can you fit cables with out removing clamp first even with clamp screws lose,whats worrying is will it do damage to the tec
  12. Hi all.I'm stuck to no witch index files to download,i have worked out that my widest field of view is 1.09 and my narrowest is 0.142 but when i look at the index files the ones i require just don't jump out at me ,can anybody assist please? my ccd camera is the qhy8l with cpc800 telescope and 6.3 focal reducer.
  13. Thanks for that spikey,I shall try a active repeater usb cable and give it a go,seems strange that my canon 1000d worked fine with the extension cable.
  14. Hi should the qhy8l USB cable work with a USB 2.0 extension cable 5 metre one,reason I ask is I plugged in for first time tonight and ezcap software froze when selecting preview or capture and went straight to -37,when I removed extension worked fine?
  15. Thanks for the recommendations.Im looking at the adapter that Bern supplied me,Whitch he said was the correct spaceing to use with my celestron 6.3 focal reducer,the one section has brightstar 30mm spacer sku 1890 printed on it,unless i split the section then i cant see were the filter would sit ,the internal thread diameter is 42mm,dose this seem right, flo lists either a 1.25 or 2inch and up,iz confused,any help welcome.
  16. Just received the last Qhy8l from stock from Bern,seem to be selling well,can anybody suggest a light pollution filter for this model? would the ldas p2 be the best choice.
  17. I'm makeing plans on updating my equipment,the only thing that puts me off mono over color is the lack of clear nights in the uk,I been looking at the qhy8l and the pro version,can the 8l be used with APT liveview for focusing or is that we're the pro version with progressive scan would only work with liveview?
  18. OOOH im so tempted,will you be putting this together with either the Heq5 pro or Neq6 pro in the near future,think i need to sell my cpc kit first,or do i bite the bullet
  19. The FLO web site is showing the esprit 80 ed in stock?,how can this be thought next batch was sometime january,or am i missing something.
  20. I always have to leave my dew band switched on through the winter as I found the inside of the correcter would dew up from the centre.its not been problem since.
  21. I usually press a direction button on my hand control pad whitch stops the slew,this is on a celestron fork mounted scope though,also can set the min,max slew to stop scope going to low,not sure with stellarium other than selecting another object away from that direction.interesting 1,sure some1 will no.
  22. Well my first image posted,imaged on the night 2/9/13.300sec each of 36 lights,darks,flats and bias taken with my canon 1000d,(ir filter removed),processed in pixinsight.Guideing worked somewere near for a change so stars not to bad,celestron 6.3 focal reducer seems to give quite bad trailing towards edge of images,thanks for looking,any advice on processing welcome,pixinsight sure is a long learning curve.
  23. Help needed once again,one for Gib007 maybe,iz confussed on whitch index files I need?. I've done the calculation bit and my widest is 59.62 arc min and narrowest 7.95 but what files do I need?.well confussed but seem to think 4203 and 4209.
  24. Thanks for the help every1,going give astroTortilla a go on the next clear night.
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