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  1. Many of the images i have been taking lately have a bright star in the frame and as you can see from this one of m51 just stretched in pixinsight shows the problem i am getting,what could be the cause of this? when i look at the single frames i can not see this defect that runs to the right of the stars,so maybe the stacking in pixinsight is causing this,i use winsorized clipping.Have i maybe got the gain and offset set wrong.
  2. Oops only just noticed time of your post sorry.
  3. Hi Astro Fan did you find out what part of the country they were based?
  4. Documentary about Voyager on bbc4 22.00 hrs.
  5. I have noticed this same effect on my qhy8l osc camera were bright stars have a line leading in one direction from the bright star.
  6. I have exactly the same problem not enough stars to be able to stack in image and my star detection slider was at 2% think I will up the exposure length from 30sec to maybe 90 seconds if I get a clear night again that may brighten the faint stars in the images.
  7. Now thats risky had light showers over here kept getting telesope ccd camera wet so quit for tonight.
  8. Hi and welcome to the site.
  9. Well it's just not fair! Been clouded over here since 6 and now it's starting to rain,hopefully this will move on with clear sky to follow.i can only dream
  10. Clouds are building here seems weather people correct,was so hopeing to watch the gemoinods metor shower but not to be once again.
  11. No way a firework came down like a meteorite and broke up with a red color as it fizzled out,never heard any sound though.
  12. Yep saw it from bishops castle Shropshire really bright colors as it exploded.
  13. Must be something to do with all those aeroplanes that's flying over the uk,my mad brother always telling me that they add some chemical to the atmosphere that reflects the sunlight back into space so stops global warming lol.
  14. Same here to,Was ok when i did the update the other week,but seems to have gone back to how it was before the update.
  15. I also take 20 sec exsposures with my qhy8l as live view just not big or clear enough to see the defraction spikes of my mask I can then zoom in on the image till I'm happy then check live view and it's usually on focus.
  16. Hello i own a set and mostly only ever use the 32mm whitch is a good one,and maybe 15mm,as for the filters nd96 on the moon to cut the brightness down,they are a good starting point if you had just bought a telescope and then progress to better quality later on,i see you have a selection already.im sure someone will be along to recomend a good make and usable power to suit your scope.
  17. Thanks Harry,I'm not haveing much success with the image,it don't look much like a comet as it looks the same each end and redish down centre and green on sides,I may try a different stacking method.
  18. Harry or anybody please help?. I'm trying to follow Harrys tutorial for comet stacking and in need of some help on using the clone stamp tool as it has no document instructions to follow?.I need to remove parts of the comet in my star mask.
  19. Evening all. I managed to get a stack of 100 60 second lights,darks,flats of comet c/2014 e2 jacques lastnight and would like to stack them with pixinsight comet alignment script,what is the process best to follow useing the batch processing script?.If all else fails then i will try deep sky stacker.
  20. On BBC4 at 23.00hrs,seems to be getting later and later once again.
  21. What Debayer setting have you choose in the settings of deep sky stacker as the sub looks good?
  22. I set the distance from my Qhy8l to the front of my focal reducer glass to about 108 mm to 110 mm that's what seems to be recommended by people,that was i think the same for a dslr camera i did have it set at 75 mm before that and the stars from the edge seemed to be more out of focus,it seems i may have a big ccd chip but when useing with the focal reducer you have to crop the image down witch is a shame.
  23. I have the celestron 6.3 focal reducer,corrector on the back of the cpc800 scope,i have been imageing with 2 inch adapters so will down size and see if i get any change,thanks all.
  24. Can anybody tell me what is causing the stars in the corners of my images to all drift inwards while the center of the image is ok,is this whats called coma?
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