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  1. I have been on the long mynd a few times but its no fun this time of year trying to set up the gear with the wind blowing a gail and freezing cold,eyes watering not pleasant.Down in carding mill valley would be more sheltered but you would only have overhead views.
  2. I always get the same diagnostics report to so would be interesting to no why.
  3. Still waiting for mine from Flo seems to be a long wait.
  4. I sorted the problem my laptop ATI Radeon graphics/drivers had not been updated since many Years ago so updated them now works fine.
  5. Thanks gnomus I will give CDC a look as I have just bought a neq6 mount and would won't to use both together.
  6. Great piece of software only problem i have is that if i open stellarium i get a white screen? is their anything i can do to sort this,I have tried remote desktop but cant seem to get it to work.computers running windows 7
  7. As we all no the weather is not always correct half mile down the road could have a shower while you are dry or other way about,I have only been caught out a couple times early in the evening by a cloud spitting at my telescope whilst in the house warming up,i dash out close roof on observatory then cloud moves on and i don't bother opening back up and guess what clear for rest off the night,anyway if theirs any chance of rain don't leave unattended and also if theirs a slight wind as a shower could come over quicker.I do leave my telescope imaging after going to bed and set my alarm a couple of times to check all ok but boy it takes some getting back to sleep,no way can i stay up all night when got work next day so its a risk i choose to take.we don't get enough clear nights to just do nothing.
  8. Had a look around myself today plenty of room to move about was tempted to purchase the williams optics star 71 on display on the widescreen centre stall for £899 but decided against it a £50 saving but it being out of the box and not knowing the company to well i will probably place a order with flo,was a bit disapointed no skywatcher neq6 mounts for sale as i would have bought one,anyway was good to see the gear up close,cafe must have done well seemed full most of the time,my sat-nav took my straight to the venue and all incidents were on the over side of motorway so no hold ups.
  9. Hi Tinker1947 is the rear of the focal reducer the thread that screws on the telescope or the focal reducer glass side faceing the camera?.
  10. These cpc telescopes sure do gather the dew even with a dew shield it won't be long until it dews again I have a shield and a .dew band and even that struggles to last the night without fogging at the centre outwards
  11. You would have to remove the front corrector glass and then you would see the grove that the clip sits in but mark everything as you take it apart so it all goes back the same and only tighten the screws lightly,seems strange why it came off.
  12. Looks the same as my celestron cpc its what stops the mirror comeing off the baffle tube only if you had the focuser removed first so would be best put back on as soon as possible.
  13. The only problem I have found if you have been caught out by a freak rain shower and who hasunt here in the uk is that ok let it air dry but it leaves a water mark on the mirror,dose this do more harm than gently wipeing clear the mirror especially with pollutants,the mirror coating will not last forever just don't clean to often and enjoy.
  14. Thanks for having a go Mark.I have reset my gain and offset once again on my qhy8l and had to up the offset to 113 whitch gave me rms value of 1038.5 just to get rid of the warning message offset to low,got a figure of 64189.1 with saturated image,since then i took a image of NGC 6995 and seems to be a lot better the first image straight histogram transfer in pixinsight and the second cropped and processed.Just got the problem of amp light on my darks of 300seconds whitch i see i need to go back to a older driver version as the latest made it worse and qhy dont seem to wont to solve this problem.
  15. Hi Ollly this is how I see it before any work is done to the image,like you say it could be inverse vignetting as I don't get the problem if I don't stack flats and bias but then I see the dust bunnies on the image?.
  16. Hello this is a image stacked in pixinsight batch proccesing script of 30 lights,a master bias of 100 and master dark of 50 with 15 flats taken with my QHY8l once opened in pixinsight and stf unlinked applyed i get a lot of pink red color to the sides whitch if i try to dbe the Tolerance has to be set way above 2000 to turn the samples white can anybody explain what is happening to my images before i go mad
  17. Hi welerstrass this is what the connection looks like on my 1000d,hope it helps.
  18. Hello tinker 1947 my images always seem to be OK in the centre off the image but the further out to the edges always seem to trail towards the centre from each corner I have tried the recommend spaceing from ccd chip to focal reducer but doesn't make a lot of difference.yes the Three Tuns brewery still going strong got the Michaelmas fair back this year on the 19 September so should be a great day night of entertainment.
  19. So am I right in thinking for a long focal length scope say my cpc800 with focal reducer that brings it to f6.3 I would benefit more from the St 80 than the 9x50 guidescope which I already use as it is at the moment I always get a bit of star trailing would this improve with the st80 or make no difference?
  20. Gave it a go last night first time it crashed my windows 7 laptop,after that it starts but the menu icons at bottom are off screen and graphics freeze with black screen so not a good start,think will just ill have to go back to previous version.
  21. Thanks Altais for the info will give it a try soon.
  22. Hi Altais will you be adding the QHY8L camera in the future?
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