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  1. I just tried loading a master bias in pixinsight for the master dark but the batch processing script will not allow it to be selected as was already in use for master bias so to get around it I selected a load of single bias frames for the darks which it excepted the resulting image did not have any considerable difference.
  2. Hi Bob welcome from Bishops Castle was down Ludlow yesterday.
  3. I did eventually find the problem with mine as my images were getting strange effects,I almost gave up and was about to send mine back to qhy but before I did I thought I would spray the rear cicuit board with wd-40 fast drying contact cleaner as it dryed I noticed it getting a white powder on it so used a fine paint brush and brushed it off and been working fine since,I to leave mine on my scope as it's a pain to keep removing it but goes to show what tricks damp conditions at times can play on you,glade you are back up and running.
  4. Hi are all the lights on the dc201 unit on? Could you post a image? maybe a screen grab of what you are seeing are you useing ezcap.
  5. I have put a ticket into qhy so will see what they come up with Bernard at modern astronomy seems to think it may be a dry solder joint causing the problem as when he tested the camera all was fine, He gave me the gain and offset value of 117 offset and 4 gain witch he calculated. Will see what qhy come back with.
  6. Hi Blinky am i right in thinking that was the first file witch never had the problem? the second image file is the one with artifacts around the stars.
  7. Thanks Oddsocks for your detailed help i have been trying once again this evening to set the offset and gain and i am unable to follow the qhy instructions of keeping offset between 500 and 1000 as the rms,max,min values all keep jumping about if i use the values when i first had the camera and select "ignore over scan area" and do a run of images after every image downloads i get a warning message saying offset to low think i need to find someone with a oscilloscope to test the ccd signal as i see you can adjust the resistance witch is men't to be 2.2v. Also i always used to get straight lines from my bright stars before this problem.
  8. Hi here is a quick processed single image with pixinsight all stars have colored pixels around them the telescope was a williams optics star 71 a 300 second image had the same artifact. https://www.dropbox.com/s/ivjcnwd7cwrjzqp/rosset.tif?dl=0
  9. They never came out to well so here is the files in drop box. https://www.dropbox.com/s/df0r6myhidwghe2/rosette-1-600s-0-C0-2.fit?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/ioqpi2d7d3bnhlj/rosette-1-600s-1-C0.fit?dl=0
  10. Been having problems with this camera for a long time Bernard had it back to check it out and tested ok been at least 3 months since getting a clear night to test it on the scope,got a chance last night so cooled the camera to -20 and started taken images of the Rosette nebula first couple of images looked promising but then started having problems around the stars as shown in image 2,Any suggestions of what is causing this my offset is set at 117 and gain at 4 lowering gain makes no difference .
  11. Yeah just had a look Astroboffin but wont add to basket get the same message pop up.
  12. Looks like they all been snapped up as product can not be purchased at this time message comes up.
  13. Stars have kept me waiting since spending 2 grand so tonight I been out mixing with people else was becoming a hermit.
  14. That's great news i did see their was a extra thread up inside but had not investigated any further,do you loosen those 3 brass screws to rotate camera and then tighten back up? and i see there is a silver screw between them what would that be for?.
  15. Well i got the drill out and had enough room on the base plate of the finder rings to mount it on top of the scope rings job done.Sleepy Kiki do you use any light pollution filters in your setup and were do you install it?.
  16. I'm looking to add this into my imaging setup with my new wo star 71 scope the only way i can see of adding this is to screw it onto the male 48mm thread coming of the scope and then add the m48 to T2 adapter onto the filter then spacer and finally Qhy8l only thing is will the few threads of the filter be strong enough to hold everything else in line any suggestions on how else i could do this.maybe its possible to place it inside the qhy8l behind the front ir-uv glass?
  17. The reply from flo says (It will be a single screw fixing and it will be the black screw on the focuser in front of the 2 silver screws) would this be were i have marked yellow theirs one either side,seems to be poor fixing with 1 screw?. i'm a bit worried about undoing any old screw as there don't seem to be any instructions on the williams site yet.
  18. Hi i have just received my new wo star 71 from flo i while back i purchased a William Optics 50mm guiding/finders and rings for the scope but can not see were it mounts to the scope,have i got to buy a small dovetail bar to mount finderscope to rings of scope? more money needed lol never ending.
  19. Thanks for the advice it is a very poor method i have put some grease on the threads of the bolt which has helped a little its quite worrying that the bolt could bend or strip the thread in the mount.
  20. Been setting my new neq6 mount up and a quick question on the Alt Dec bolt adjusters how tight do you have them against each other because I can tighten the one in under the polarscope to centre Polaris in the cross hairs but then start to wind bar end adjuster in and it moves star off cross straight away so try to tighten up Alt again and it won't move,also very awkward below polarscope and wound in long way for 52 degress so not very easy to do so do I slacken off bar end adjuster till it just moves off cross or get the updated adjusters before thread goes on mount.
  21. I will be a owner of a Williams optics star 71 in the near future the problem I have is my light pollution filter is a 48mm idas d1 is their anyway of using this filter in line between my qhy8l and the wo star 71 m48 thread?.
  22. I have been on the long mynd a few times but its no fun this time of year trying to set up the gear with the wind blowing a gail and freezing cold,eyes watering not pleasant.Down in carding mill valley would be more sheltered but you would only have overhead views.
  23. I always get the same diagnostics report to so would be interesting to no why.
  24. Still waiting for mine from Flo seems to be a long wait.
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