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  1. 3 hours ago, teoria_del_big_bang said:

    I am not sure but sounds more like the size of the image is too small rather than the catalogue its using.
    From memory I think it recommends downloading H18 and V17.
    Are there enough stars visible ? Although I thought that would return a different fault.


    All working now thanks seemed to be a problem with astap download had to change a command in file.

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  2. Hi just started using Nina and have download Astap but when it goes to plate solve i get a message saying Warning ASTAP-Warning remaining image dimensions too low! can any one shed some light on this maybe i have download the wrong astap catalogue H18? maybe i should download the H17 smaller star database,can anybody get me going.

  3. Worst decision I ever made buying one new didn't last 12 months before going wrong ,i sent it back to qhy and it cost more to get it posted back than to send it to them had exact same problem 6 months later they said the read out chip was at fault maybe try resoldering connection points,won't by qhy again have owned a zwo asi 1600 for 2yrs now no problems and lot more use.

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  4. HI that's caused by the bright star at the edge of the sensor not a lot you can do except maybe flock the inside of the baffle tube and scope by that i mean line it with dark material available from first light optics.its the reducer reflecting the light back into the scope.

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  5. I have created a master bias with pixinsight from my zwoasi1600mm pro temp was set at -20 and a exposure  of 0 seconds total images 200,I created with image integration using linear fit sigma low 4000 and high 2000 then applying a superbias with 5 layers and applying a 24bit function does the super bias look correct with the dark patch on the right?.does everybody else's super bias look similar.Untitled.thumb.png.b969ef2b771202edf94777bded94dfc5.png

  6. I have the zwo asi 1600mm pro that now and again seems to dew up last night all went well till 3 this morning and clouds came over so i stopped imaging left camera running at -20 so i could take flats in the daylight but when i took them i could see a dew circle in the middle of the image so last nights images are now no good as i have had to take the camera off and bring into house so no flats.I see zwo sell a dew heater on there site but by looking at the image they have it fitted to they have a spacer attched to camera so wont rest on the dew heater my camera has the filter wheel screwed on were the spacer would be so would clamp between camera and filterwheel i cant see this doing the dew heater element much good,has anybody else fitted one of these dew heaters?.

  7. 30 minutes ago, carastro said:

    Is looks like it could be, but if you have had this scope from new I would go back to the retailer and get it fixed.  even if it is beyond your guarantee period if you can show it was like it from the beginning. 


    Thanks Carole I will look back at some images I had from new I bought it new flo before they started checking them before dispatch.i seem to remember the images were always worse when we had frosty nights.

  8. Hello please can someone help with what drivers i need to download for the first gen qhy5  camera i cant find it on the qhy site only for the version qhy5ll ,will the downloads work for this? also will it run on windows 10 thanks.

  9. On 25/12/2018 at 19:16, sunka said:

    Hi all,

    It has been quite busy couple of months - from overhauling our primary autofocusing unit (which is now called AF1), to preparing a whole new product line. Preorders are now opened for AF2 and wide field focus system, for more, check out our website:


    Merry Christmas!


    If you would like to be up to speed with our recent news we invite you to follow us on social media:
    Facebook page (for general updates): 
    Facebook community group (for discussion, idea sharing and support)

    Would be good to see a demo of version AF2 working with sgp if you ever get clear sky's.

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  10. 1 hour ago, Andyb90 said:

    Did you purchase this from new?

    If so it looks like they have changed the design for how the filters are secured.

    With the overlap can the filters move at all?


    Yeah had this new the filters fit into the seat and stand above outer edge so cant move with the gasket fitted on top would have been better if they had made the gaskets to sit flush with each other rather than one edge on top of other gasket,i did ask zwo and all i got back was instructions from there site that i don't think they have updated to this filter wheel yet as the image for their gaskets don't match the ones i have.

  11. Hi can anyone confirm that i have my baader lrgb filters secured properly as i see with other zwo filter wheels they supply small fibre washers to secure them into the seat of the filter wheel all i had with this one was a pack of gaskets to witch you can see i have used to secure the filters in place,thing is one edge of the gasket overlaps the other cant see this causing a problem whats everyone think.


  12. I bought a ZWO ASI 1600MM Pro from widescreen centre saving over £120 also a zwo efw 8x1.25 or 7x36mm filter wheel saving £30 i see its men't to have a reliable Japanese steeper motor but strange thing is sticker on motor says china.Anyway my debit card has now done a runner.But i need filters (come back.)

  13. 2 hours ago, alan4908 said:

    For colour calibration of your image you should use the Pixinsight Photometric Colour Calibration (PCC) tool. If you want to extract a synthetic luminescence from your RGB data then apply RGB working space before the extraction and make sure you have set the sliders to unity so that the RGB channels are given even weight prior to the Lum extraction. 

    Linear fit  attempts to work out a linear relationship between two images based on their brightness values, it has nothing to do with colour calibration. 


    Thanks Alan so your saying their is no point balancing the channels with linearfit before dbe i should just link rgb channels so i can can see the image.

  14. Thanks for the help Light bucket i tried to lossen the collar but seems very tight to undo weather these have some kind of thread lock applied from new i'm not sure i will have to either make a tool to get it loose or by the proper tool from flo think i have a old pair of circlip plies that i can file flat to fit the slots that may work.

  15. Hello i have been trying to get my worm drives better on my skywatcher neq6 pro mount i have followed astro babys guide and have got the Ra adjusted with out any problems but when i run the same method on the Dec axis and then test the rotation using the motor it starts to lock up just quarter the way around so i adjusted were it started locking up witch seems to have fixed it only thing now is that the gears are quite noisy unlike the Ra,Could the problem be that i need to maybe lossen off the worm end float when it started locking up on my first try? Has anybody had the same issue.

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