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  1. Really helpful to see what we are really looking at in relation to our position in the MW, thank you!
  2. I have enjoyed some nice views of M51, M101 and M63 this week, and was reminded of a view I had of two of them when we were in the Mojave desert with my brother a few years ago. It was so dark that I didn’t realise I was shooting through overhead power lines!
  3. Hi there, I looked them up on Heavens Above when I came indoors, it was easy to spot them in the list as they were so close together.
  4. I was out last night struggling to get my ancient Vixen GP-DX to track smoothly, and ended up taking the 8” scope back indoors and playing with a 85mm f1.4 lens on a canon 7d2. Caught a few tiny galaxies and also spotted this pair of satellites heading south.
  5. Yep, it’s great to show it at 400mm FL
  6. I went for a dawn walk and this was setting
  7. Last night I took my newly acquired Canon 7d2 out for its first few Astro shots. While looking at Orion I saw a satellite passing very slowly from NW to SE across Orion, flashing brightly every few seconds. I managed to capture it in this 30s shot. Presumably this is something in very high orbit with a very shiny surface catching the sunlight.
  8. Excellent shot! Way better level of detail and better colour than my efforts with my C8 the other night.
  9. Nice report this morning, and well done on spotting what you had caught! I don’t often hear things on the Today programme that make me happy, so thank you!
  10. I may be missing something here, but won’t it be a matter of putting the whole lot back on the tripod, tightening the tripod bolt into the adapter and then turning the AZGti to free it? That’s how I separated a seized wedge from a berlebach adapter.
  11. I dusted down my old Vixen GP-DX the other day and, after having a good look at three bright planets, took a few shots with a modded Canon 1000d and a Samyang 85mm lens. This single 240 second exposure came out quite nicely.
  12. I once captured a balloon like that completely by fluke - the image was clear enough to see it had a slightly pointy end as you’d expect on a balloon.
  13. I was out on an early morning walk today and spotted this - canon Magic Drainpipe on a 600d.
  14. It’s a good spot, but it does mean you have more exposure to light from Felixstowe and any boats off the shore, whereas the marsh just to the north towards Butley Low Corner still has a wide view and less direct light pollution. I couldn’t stop in the marsh this time because of the mozzies down there! The hill gave a nice view of moonrise and then marsrise.
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