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  1. Ah, that kinda makes sense. I presume I could still use the diagonal albeit with the camera facing upwards rather than straight out the back of the OTA? Am I better off getting an extension tube and, if so, do I need a certain type / length? Cheers again.
  2. Hi, viewing is through Live View. I only need glasses for reading (I'm nearly 48:eek:). I've tried different speeds until I've got something I'm happy with (apart from the focus) but admittedly the ISO is 800. Should I change it to 100/200 just for when the Moon is full & bright? I can't quite get the whole of the Moon in the Live View but I'm not too bothered about that. At the mo' getting focus sorted is the objective. Cheers BTW, Barkis, are you on the FC site too?
  3. Try as I may I cannot get the Moon in focus I've a Nikon D90 mounted onto my Celestron SLT127 using a Nikon T Adapter. Both with, and without the Barlow, my results are shockingly out of focus. The camera is put into bulb mode and shots are taken with a remote shutter release. I try focusing with and without my reading glasses but the results are always the same. Even when I zoom into the image, using the zoom on the back of the camera, and try to focus on a close up of the Moon the results remain the same. Such as pity as last nights Moon was spectacularly clear. Help required before I go mad.
  4. Hi, does anyone happen to know the dewshield diameter of a Celestron NexStar 127SLT? Cheers Peter
  5. Ron, that's an interesting point re glasses. I have reading / computer distance glasses (bi) which I don't need when viewing through the telescope. I might be focusing on the Live View without the glasses. It's a sign of ageing when I can't remember! I'll see if I can find a mask for my scope on fleabay.
  6. Sorry, my bad re the mention of EPs. It's prime focus with a 2x Barlow and sometimes not. I'm fairly certain I'm not moving the scope as I let everything pause for a mo' (me included) before I shoot.
  7. I've got a Celestron SLT127 with the appropriate T Adapter, etc for my Nikon D90. Try as I may I always end up with Moon shots out of focus. I've tried using the supplied 9 and 25mm EP's, TMB 9mm, 2x TAL Barlow plus all manner of exposure times. I'm always using a remote shutter release cable. Before shooting I always zoom in to max on the back of the camera to adjust the focus through the Live View before zooming back out and firing off the shot. Am I missing something or am I just hopeless?
  8. Satellites travel across the sky pretty quickly so I think you'd struggle to see them but there are plenty up there. With you having an iPhone 4 I presume you have the Star Walk App? That App shows up sats in your area so you can see them clearly. They usually just look like stars but travelling at aircraft speeds. If you can see stars you can see sats.
  9. ...Something like this? TMB 9mm Planetary Premium Eyepiece
  10. Is there any EP (around 8-12mm) that would be noticeably better than the stock Celestron one? Might be prepared to pay up to £75 for one if it gave results. Edit: I've just noticed Celestron X-Cel EP's. Are these ok?
  11. Great catch for a 1st attempt. I still get worse results and I've taken about 25 of the Moon.
  12. That's stunning. Sharp and crisp and I love the angle.
  13. With my Celestron 127 SLT the supplied 25mm EP is fine for looking at, say, Saturn but when I slot in the supplied 9mm EP the image is certainly larger but less sharp. Focussing with the 9mm is difficult and the image always looks a tad 'flashy' - like street lights can look at night. Is this an 'issue' with the standard EP or the capability of the SLT? Or maybe, at 47, my eyes are not what they were.
  14. If you don't have MotionX GPS HD get it! It's awesome for compasses data (it rotates like the real thing) and the My Position page is great for all manner of lat/long data. You can have it in DMS, DM, D, UTM:icon_scratch:and MGRS:icon_scratch: It's just a really clever app.
  15. Personally, I don't rate GoSkyWatch on the iPad. Star Walk is a gem as is Solar System but everyone is different. I usually just use SW but I've got numerous astronomical apps on the iPad.
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