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  1. Jupiter would be the one to start with
  2. Tonight, in the North-East of Scotland, both the moon, and Sirius are clearly visible! It is quite cloudy, but they don't cover it for long before moving away again. So, if anybody is in Scotland, get out there! It looks great!
  3. Ah, you're in New York. Didn't they declare a state of emergency ?
  4. If you can't be bothered taking the telescope out - Don't
  5. I don't know if this has already been posted, but here is a picture from Nasa of Hurricane Irene: NASA - Hurricane Irene Hopefully it won't be too destructive, but I have a feeling it will be...
  6. Argh! Why didn't I take the scope out!?
  7. Yep, really bright but small...
  8. About two nights ago, at 12:15AM I looked out of the back window of my house, and saw a lovely half moon That was beautiful enough, but then I saw a single star to the right of it. What star is this ? I thought Sirius maybe, but that usually appears at dawn doesn't it ? Thanks in advance.
  9. 2010 TK7 that is. I've just read about it, and was wondering if it would be visible at all during the year ?
  10. My thoughts exactly when I first tasted a McDonalds Double Cheese Burger
  11. You guys are making my jealous All we have had for weeks now is cloudy nights!!
  12. I'd go back to the very beginning of the earth (at the first point where it was habitable that is!), and whip the Skylux out to see what things looked like back then! I'm sure the moon would be much closer, and a lot of now dead stars would surely look great! And be very interesting...
  13. So I've got time for a quick cuppa ?
  14. OK, update! Even if Scotland could see it, we couldn't due to lots of clouds! That's some consolation I guess... All I ask, is for somebody to get a picture of it and post it on here! I don't care how blurry, I just want a picture
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