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  1. I had my solar scope out viewing the sun in Ha and at 14:35 saw two streaks of flame across the surface near the edge. It looked like a comet strike. Anyone else see anything? Adrian
  2. I found my 9mm BGO gave great views, any more magnification made it worse. Very pleased with my PST. Adrian
  3. "Seat height adjustable from 61-86 cm." according to the blurb That doesn't seem enough, I think I read that a greater range was possible if you remove a couple of restricting bolts: is that the case? Thanks Adrian
  4. I have one of these and generally I have been pleased with it. Being a determined imbecile I have managed to overcome the spring safety slider a couple of times! I tend to favour slightly eccentric seating positions... When I had my feet raised on another chair in front of me for some intense viewing I found the change in direction of force on the seat caused it to slide. With my feet in a more normal ground based position I've had no problems. Adrian
  5. I have a 200p and found I could only get focus with a 2.5x powermate, I couldn't get focus with the included OCS. Worth it though. Adrian
  6. I'm new to the solar side and I wasn't aware of "wedges". They look very interesting so I'm going to go and do some reading! Thanks Bizibilder, Patricio and John
  7. I have been thinking about getting a solar filter. I have a few telescopes which would be best to use? 8" dob 12" dob 4" f11 refractor Is more aperature better for white light observing? Thanks Adrian
  8. You're a freak... Buy a lottery ticket!
  9. I like that in one of the pictures you fitted a finder - to a scope you were thinking of using as a finder! The nesting opportunities seem endless...
  10. FLO, the website still says "Regret out of stock, next delivery due Autum 2011!" you might want to change it Adrian
  11. If I were you I would sell them seperately. I wanted an EQP because I had a dob already... I doubt someone with a dob would buy your package and then try to sell the dob - too much hassle.
  12. I bought an EQP for my dob and I'm very pleased with it. Nudging is ok but not nudging is way better. I wouldn't be without it now. As for the expense, sure they are expensive. For me the question was about time as opposed to money, I have too many commitments to spend hours constructing one myself. The hourly rate I assign to my spare time made purchasing one a sensible decision. As with all things YMMV Adrian
  13. I've used the chair the last 4 nights (four nights observing in a row wow!) and despite not being perfect I think it does the job well. The seat is comfortable, stable and adjusts to a very good range of heights. Moving the seat down sometimes the widget gets caught but most of the time it is smooth enough. I definitely prefer it to the ironing chair I had been using - I cannot see that getting a look in now. I'm surprised how wonky it is, nothing seems very square but this doesnt seem to compromise performance. As I say it gets stuck a bit sometimes but a yank sorts it out. So for a relatively expensive item I feel a bit... underwhelmed but it works and has made observing more comfortable and pleasant. Adrian
  14. I use a WO binoviewer with my 200p but I needed to use a barlow to achieve focus. Needs balancing but I use heavy eyepieces normally so I'm set up for that. I find it great on Jupiter - well worth the effort. Adrian
  15. Thanks for the tip-off Jamie, purchased SkySafari3 and it looks good Adrian
  16. Thanks guys some very interesting replies there. I have looked at that Lyra optics scope before and I'm certainly considering it. I know nothing about mounts (being a dob owner!), what size would work for a scope of that size/weight (visual only)? My budget is £500-£1500+ for scope and mount. What I really want is a telescope to cover an area that my dobs are poor at. On the more general topic of where refractors outperform reflectors, where do people think they have the advantage: Doubles Open Clusters Widefield Planets/Moon Other?
  17. Kind of a mangled title but I couldn't work out how to phrase it best. I have a couple of dobs (8" and 12") and a couple of pairs of binoculars (10x50 and 20x80) but I really fancy getting a refractor. I don't really want to buy one suited only for observing objects that the dobs or binoculars are better at. I'm only interested in visual. I don't find my dobs particularly pleasing when observing double stars. I collimate as best I can but the stars are still a bit blobby -not the fine pinpoints I hear people talk about their refractors. I'm thinking I could get a scope specifically for this but I'm open to other ideas. Thanks Adrian
  18. As long as it is reasonably level i dont think it would be a problem, I dont find the reset too difficult - i just lift the motorised corner which is moderately heavy. The tracking run lasts an hour (according to the website which sounds right) and I only tend to use the tracking when at >100x so most sessions i dont reset it at all. Your observing sessions may be different though.
  19. I bought one and i've found it excellent. It's not cheap but I haven't the time to build my own. I use it every observing session with a 300p flextube (thanks Mike ) and it makes observing a real pleasure. Nudging is ok but not nudging is better! I only roughly align it northwards each time and the tracking is excellent. One night with great seeing i was viewing the moon at 625x, i think it would have been hard to enjoy it without the platform. Thumbs up from me Adrian Edit: the only downside is it raises the scope by a 6inches or so (I could measure it if you're interested) which makes observing difficult for my kids when the scope is pointed high - need a higher stool...
  20. I just got a new skywatcher one and tried it out last night. I had been using an ironing stool the downside of which was having to unscrew a bolt to adjust the seat height. The skywatcher's design is supposed to allow you to adjust just by lifting the seat. Ive only used it the once but i have to say it didnt perform as well as i was hoping. The new widget that connects a spring to the seat gets caught up with the sliding seat, perhaps i havent mounted it quite right? The bolt and nut holding the spreader at the bottom came off during my observing session, fortunately i noticed before i sat down again because that could have caused a fall. Not 100% convinced so far... Will try again another night though Adrian
  21. Skywatcher skyliner 200p was my first scope. I've got a couple of other scopes now (bigger and smaller dobs) but the 200p is a still firm favourite. good luck with it Adrian
  22. If you are just starting out I'd learn some lessons with cheapie eyepieces first. It's easy when your beginning to make blunders - drop things, scratch things, clean things inappropriately etc... Better to ruin a £50 eyepiece than a £400 one. If your thinking ethos territory then the additional expense is meaningless. Cheaper eyepieces are useful to have if you ever want to do some outreach (no kids I dont know touch my ethos eyepieces!) Ethos eyepieces aren't about value for money as other people have said. Are supercars value for money? No, they aren't meant to be Good luck! Adrian
  23. I have a few of the apps. StarWalk is the one I use most because I find the user interface the easiest and clearest. The omission of some objects is very odd though and really annoys me (no double cluster seriously???) Adrian
  24. This was certainly an impression I thought that page was giving (not that I believed it). Most people will I'm sure agree that better optics = better image but I'm interested to know how much better. Where would the average skywatcher 8" newt optics rate? Somewhere between 1/4 and 1/6 I would imagine. Suppose I was to directly compare a standard, average skywatcher newt with an OO 1/10 hilux newt on a night of superior seeing at 250x magnification (or higher). Using the images from the link what difference would I see? edit: I'd have thought something like image 1 to image 2, never having used a superior optics scope though...
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