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  1. Well guys, I had to go with the Orion because both were avail USED. and the guy that is selling the Orion is the one who grabbed the TV come to find out! For the record, the TV was $70 and the Orion was $57 shipped. I'm not gonna complain! I'm a newbie, and have plenty of time to upgrade later! Thanks! Jason
  2. Hey guys! I'm going to buy a Barlow and have it narrowed down to the Orion Ultrascopic 2x or the Televue 2x. Both are about the same price, and both get outstanding reviews. Is it a coin toss or a clear winner? I don't have any TV Ep's though, and will be using it thru my 8" Dob f/6 with SW EP's and a Meade 5000 40mm SWA. Thanks! Jason
  3. Thanks guys. I really may go for the 18mm SW too. I need to send off my payment today for the 7.5mm, so i need to make up my mind pronto! The only reason I wouldn't buy the 18mm SW is in case I could afford his used 16mm UWAN, but he hasn't said how much he wants for it yet. I'm guessing he may ask $125, which would be a great deal, and worth considering over the 18mm SW. I don't know anything about the UO Konig 16mm that he's selling or if it's worth picking up for $50. So I need to research that one. Bottom line is... my stock 10 and 25mm EP's aren't all that great (as I've been told.. but have nothing to compare them to!) and I think I could be happy for quite a while if I had a set of EP's that were in the ranges of 30-33mm, 20-25mm, 15-20mm, 10-15mm, 5-10mm. One in each range would be awesome. But since I really like to check out clusters and DSO's... getting the 7.5mm to start was a good idea. I'd like to get something bit lower power right now, and worry about the rest later. I've gathered that finding a Speer-Waler 10mm series 1 or 2 is the way to go, but even the new ones are the same design as series 1. Any series in the other sizes are all fine. Anything over series 1 is considered "Improved" as I understand it. And i've heard nothing but praise for their zooms. So in the coming months, I'm going to be on the hunt for a 10mm and maybe even a zoom. If I ended up with a "set" of SW's, I'd be very very happy for a long time I think! I'll keep you posted on how things go! Jason
  4. Hey all. This may be my first post. I post a lot at the CloudyNight Forum though. I have a Celestron StarHopper 8" Dob with is f/6, 1200mm. It is my first scope and I have only owned it since last year and have enjoyed it immensely! BTW.. I'm located in the US if that matters. lol. I just purchased a proper set of Binoculars as I had been borrowing a pair for the time being. I thought the borrowed Jason 221 Wide View 10x50's were pretty good... until I peered thru my Pentax PCF WP's that I just recieved! WOW! What a difference!!! So that got me to thinking that it was time I look into making my Dob better, within my relatively low budget. My Dob came with a collimation cap, and I used it to collimate the scope as best as I could. But i need to do it again because I know it's not as good as it can be. So, I'm going to purchase the Celestron Collimation Combo Tool, which is the Cheshire/Sight Tube. It's only $27 at Amazon. I'm also going to purchase a 4" riser for my Telrad, which I enjoy using. eventually I'm going to buy a RACI and mount it next to my Telrad. My dob also came with two EP's, both are Celestron Wide View's, and one is 10mm and the other is 25mm. I've been told that the 10mm isn't all that great, but that the 25mm is "decent". So, I figure that while I have some extra money, I'd pick up a used EP or two. I recently purchased a used Speer-Waler 82*afov 7.5mm EP for $80 shipped. I wanted the 10mm, but it sold quickly. The guy still has an 18mm and 14mm SW avail for $80 each shipped, so maybe I should get one of those two? What do you think? He also has: UO Konig 2" 25mm available $125.00 UO 16mm Konig available $50.00 Full Set of William Optics SWAN 72* EP's, 2": 40mm, 33mm, 25mm and 1.25": are 20mm, 15mm, 9mm all with the carry bag and foam holder, no individual boxes. He'll also throw in a WO 2.5x Barlow that is unused, all for $300 shipped. This is his second time in 6 months trying to sell these. My buddy tells me that the SWANS aren't at all "special" like UWANS are. With that in mind, he's also getting ready to sell some WO UWANs in 28mm, 16mm, and 7mm, but he's not sure how much to sell them for yet. They are used and mint. Even if he sells that 28mm UWAN for $250, that's still way out of my price range. The 16 and 7mm will likely be around $125 shipped. The only one I could afford at that price would be the 16mm UWAN. My question is... what should I do?? He doesn't want to split his SWAN set up and my buddy thinks that even for $300, the SWANS aren't worth it. But he thinks that maybe the 16mm UWAN would be worth buying and would be a nice compliment to my 7.5mm. That being said... I can buy a Speer-Waler 18mm or 14mm for $80 each, but I likely wouldn't buy both. One or the other. I'm sort of viewing my Celestron 10mm and 25mm EP's like I don't even have them. I'll likely sell them. So basically I'm starting over.. and my only EP is going to be the 7.5mm EP!! Since I don't have lots of money to burn right now, I'm trying to make good choices for the money. I think it's important for me to have a high, medium, and low power EP. Then later I can experiment with different sizes and maybe a barlow. I'm trying be smart and hit a home run with my purchases. I'm hoping you could share your opinions on my situation. Cheers! Jason
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