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  1. Looking great James Like last year would it be possible to add SGL/UKAI names to the pitch list. I for one only know people by their Christian names on here
  2. Yeah I have given up, the haze has thickened....
  3. Hey Ian Oops I must be pitch 22 or something, well along side the stone wall Maybe half a bottle
  4. I had a 9mm volcano top Ortho for a while. A very nice EP especially for their price and not that much between them and the Baader ones. The Baader ones are slightly sharper off axis. In the centre theres not a lot in it.
  5. Hello John I think I am on pitch 24 this year
  6. Mmm nice I am tempted to order the 6mm to compliment my 5mm, 7mm & 9mm
  7. If anything its useful to keep the eyepieces a bit warm as it stops condensation forming on them
  8. Sounds like this opposition is going to be a good one Hopefully the weather will hold over the weekend so I can get some more viewing in. I have just taken delivery of my Baader Semi-APO filter so dying to give it a try and see how much better it is compared to the Baader fringe killer. Semi-APO filter has been described as the best Mars filter going in a few reviews. EDIT: Ludd that's a very nice image and confirms what I saw with my own eyes last night
  9. Yeah I was putting the world to rights, chatting to people in one of the tents, then went out for a toilet visit to see that the skies were clear and got all excited, The Quadruple cluster in Perseus was my favourite Yeah I was thinking the same. My telescope was like a wind sock at times.... should have a beefier tripod this time round which should help to dampen the vibrations down a bit. Yea thats right Stu. On the Sunday afternoon after quite a few bailed I moved my tent from "no mans land" in the Rally field back to the main camping field and pitched my tent on a pitch that had been v
  10. Sorry did not mean to sound so abrupt, yes its a great society and one of the largest and oldest (150 years old last year) in the UK. If you are free one Wednesday evening pop up, there is usually at least 30 people or more which turn up during the evening. Even if the moon is up we still drag out the 16" dobsonian for a bit of lunar observing. We always have a few visitors that call by and the members are a friendly bunch. The society gets a bit quite during the summer months but that is to be expected as it does not really get dark at a sensible hour. EDIT: Yes we did meet if I remember co
  11. Wow that 150mm f/8 is a beast! Still want one tho!
  12. Packed up for the night now. I find that mars is best with 200x magnification and above is required to bring out the detail. Not bad for a 4" Achromat
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