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  1. I forgot to post the end of this little saga. After letting the dehumidifier run for several hours it slowly began to bring the RH down but stuck at 80%. I watched a few youtube videos showing dehumidifier repairs and discovered that they have two drains. The primary drain for the water from the condenser and another smaller drain from the heating element chamber which lead to the thought that maybe this was blocked. Having switched off and unplugged it I turned the dehumidifier on its side. About half a cupfull of water came out so I returned it the right way up. Shortly after sw
  2. There was nothing obviously wrong with the dehumidifier so I switched it on about an hour ago. It sounded normal so I was hopeful. By now the RH should be 60% but its not moved at all. I'll have another look tomorrow in daylight. I used to let natural ventilation keep the obsy damp free but drawing in fresh air at 90%+ Rh wasn't really achieving anything so I closed as many gaps as possible with brush strip and run the dehumidifier 24/7. The only time its off is when I'm inside with the roof open.
  3. My dehumidifier has run for years on a low setting keeping the obsy at 60% humidity. It's so reliable I forget about it most of the time. Today I got an alert that the humidity was over 70% so went for a look. Hmmm, a few hours at -6c has proved too much and it's stopped. That's -6c inside the obsy and -8c outside for a while overnight. I first thought that the outlet hose might have frozen causing it to shutdown but it wasn't that so I've unplugged it for now. I've popped a heater on and will investigate further once the obsy has warmed up a bit.
  4. A late Xmas pressy. 500 pages listing every event from 1 July 2020 to 31 December 2025. Great for longer term planning and then looking up on Stellarium to check. There's no commentry on events though so I wonder if I'd have spotted this one on 21 Dec 2020 and realised its significance.
  5. Something warm and fluffy for my head and neck on those cold nights.
  6. but I like it. https://www.facebook.com/artvideosofficial/videos/305340907530261/
  7. I thought 'oh, that looks interesting' and went off to Amazon to order it only to find I'd bought it in January 2019 when this was first posted. My plan was to have it to read whilst I was in hospital but I didn't read it then and never looked at it since. So, a timely reminder. Must get the kindle charged and take a look.
  8. This is really good tubing, nice and flexible to get through any route between A and B. However, it has a lot of internal stiction making it difficult to pass cables through it. My tubes were about two metres in length and I spent a long time pulling and pushing and moving barely 5mm at a time. Not fun when the bends were a fairly large radius and almost impossible with any sharp bend. Try passing a cable through to test it before installing.
  9. The small object came in that box
  10. Not just 15 years but an average of about 8.75 posts per day throughout that time. Congratulations and here's to many more years and posts.
  11. Big flakes of snow in the box and a scattering outside on delivery day. Flo excelled themselves.
  12. Two parcels. One for me and one for my grandson who will be eight next week.
  13. I received an email from Salvatore on Friday saying he'd recovered my images and when I logged in there they were. You've got to admire him, when things go wrong he doesn't give up trying to put it right.
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