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  1. I noticed similar regarding wide fov eyepieces and this thread has made me think back to a tread I posted. This is going to sound totally stupid but with a wide fov your going to get more stars in the view so more stars more light ?? More light but maybe a smaller pupil dilation ?? Less fov, less stars, less light and a slightly larger pupil allowing fainter objects to be seen??? I noticed my BST starguiders were ever so slightly out performing my ES82° eyepieces regards showing slightly fainter stars. The contrast was ever so slightly improved also. We are talking eye straining improvements and I really had to concentrate hard to notice the differences but they were there.
  2. And I thought I had a close call when my WO Diagonal decided to undo with a 31mm T5 attached. Sure got the heart a pounding so I can imagine the horror you must have felt Derek with over twice the cost dangling by a hair
  3. My guess it has to do with when the long boat from China is due. You have to think these item have a long journey here and it is also my guess that OVL only order in so much stock each time. I can remember a couple years ago you couldn't get skyliner 200P for love nor money and that would have been around this time of the year also. Maybe a shipment is due soon ready for xmas orders ?
  4. Who said you have to be brainy to possess nerd like qualities.........
  5. Sorry to hear your troubles Dave. FWIW I have always found email to be the best form of communication with astroboot. While they may send items that differer in magnitude to their description I have always found them helpful in resolving any problems I have had.
  6. Sorry just read Shanes post again with my eyes open this time . So it's NOT 70mm at all then!!!
  7. Is it at all possible they have done it in a similar way to a PST mod using internal erf a 1/3 way down the ota. Why have a front double stack with the expense when you could fit an internal ? I assume you get the same desired effect? Of the top of my head I'm sure lunt do a similar thing with their 80mm don't they??
  8. I've learned to take astroboot listings with a pinch of salt John. Sorry to hear the tripod didn't come with an EP tray Dave but at least they got in touch first to check if that was OK. Was it a Berlebach tripod in the end ??
  9. BTW the aperture is restricted to 26.4mm (don't quote me on this but it isn't far off) or so on the visual back so you may experience vignetting in 2" ep's over a certain afov and focal length. There is argued to being some gain for using 2" diagonals though. This is put down to the larger mirror not suffering edge drop off like a 1.25" would. I'd like to bet you'd be hard pushed to notice any advantage though.
  10. In such a slow scope I doubt you would get your monies worth out of the TV tbh Jules
  11. Did you not recently have issues with your quark? Maybe this is a result of your erf combination ?? As you say thought if your happy.
  12. @DRT in my mind the fact Daystar had a configuration wizard http://www.daystarfilters.com/Wizard/ would strongly suggest to me there is an upper limit to the use of a 2" UV/IR filter before an ERF is required. If you do contact them it would be interesting to get some clarification on this.
  13. To some degree I agree but we all have an obligation to offer safe and informed advice when it comes to looking at the sun. Solar observing is dangerous and SGL is an open forum. While your KG3 may work fine it is best to point out the pros and con's of absorption filters over rejection filters as someone may not buy one that rattles in its cell and it goes pop. In the same way I questioned your point about never removing ITF filters in case moonshane had overlooked something and I was going to give him the heads up before he damaged his eyesight. I think when it comes to solar observing and if not done with respect the damage it could bring to your life, not just your eyesight, I don't always think "people can do what ever they want" is the best advice!
  14. I know its one competitor against another but Baader's site says the trouble with the kg3 filters are they can fail due to absorbing the heat and expansion where Baader UV/IR reflects the heat.
  15. I don't want to doubt you Derek but I would immediately cease using your combo until you have contacted Daystar directly.
  16. I think moonshane has removed his rusty itf and replaced it with a 2" 35nm. As said before though I'm unsure how it all works as he already has an internal 80mm d-erf which I believe have IR rejection and pass 45nm ??
  17. So from what I gather from Altair's site apertures of115mm and over you need a front mounted erf ? So you are correct DRT it's not 75mm ?
  18. Says 3" here mate http://www.skyatnightmagazine.com/review/miscellaneous/daystar-quark-hydrogen-alpha-eyepiece-filters and I'm positive I have read it in more detail else where?? Either way I'm aware moonshane employs a Baader 35nm filter in his PST mod so he may be along shortly to offer a better understanding of the filters for solar. I know he has a Baader d-erf so why he uses a 35nm over a UV/IR I'm not totally sure??
  19. I thought you had to use a proper ERF over a certain aperture? Just checked and it's saying over 3" and you need an aperture ERF. Obviously DRT has better knowledge on this than me though!
  20. Looks fab Jules and a nice easy cheap fix that won't look an eyesore when not in use ALTHOUGH I think her indoors may have something to say when all her flowers get trampled on
  21. I did wonder about this tripod. For all intense purposes it resembles a Berlebach UNI tripod but couldn't understand if it is why they would drop the name when advertising it and why put it in MISC's. Having had several upsets with astroboot in the past (all resolved promptly I might add) I have learned not to take things on assumption just because the item picture shows one thing it doesn't mean that's what your going to get. If it is A1 and the quality matches a Berlebach then it's a good buy anyway.
  22. My guess this would eventually lead to the two uprights bending inwards making the height function problematic ???? I think the idea of the seat top is to prevent this more so than to act as a back rest. I have always found these ironing stools to encourage more leaning forward than lounging back on. Probably to encourage people to get on with the ironing
  23. My guess ..... without having seen one in person, is that the head can be adjusted so that you can have the slow motion control facing in the direction you want. I have it in the back of my mind that this was done on a very similar mount. I'd be wasting my time trying to find the link but I am almost certain it is possible. Now the part you may not want to hear is that IF my memory serves me correct it would require the cap on the side of the alt being removed. You could of course try trawling the internet to see if you can find what I am referring to. There are after all only a handful of AZ mounts with slow motion controls so you may well come across the page yourself.
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