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  1. Some time ago I read that 2" EP's and secondary mirrors may have issues. IE: some 2" ep's give such a wide field of view that the secondary mirror edge is seen or something like that.
  2. What is the difference between 1 1/4" & 2" EP's other than the obvious
  3. I was unsure about Skywatcher EP's as the rubbish they send out with the scopes don't set a very good example. I understand they have to be competative and it's the scope they are selling more so than the EP's but still you would think they would want to make a good impression. If you guys recommend them then they can't be that bad besides I shouldn't be one to grumble as I don't see any Meades going in my box until I match them 6 numbers
  4. Hi Looking to get hopefully 3 ep's for a budget of £350 not much I know but such is life. From what I gather 10" f/4.7 is not much use on planets so the plan is purely DSO's I have the usual cheap Plossl ready kits like Celestron and a 10mm X-cel so if any of these are of some use I could always split the budget over 2 ep's instead of 3. I would like to take advantage of the 2" focuser if this would make for better viewing. I know that magnification isn't everything but I would like to get more of a split on global clusters although nudging of the dob is required so I need to meet a happy medium. I will be viewing from a dark location so light pollution shouldn't be an issue. Thanks guys
  5. I was more concerned with vibration Acoustifan Anti Vibration 80mm Fan Gasket on eBay (end time 25-Sep-10 23:58:01 BST)I never give a gap thought. It's all such a steep learning curve. You wouldn't believe I've had a telescope for 6 years. Always put bad viewing down to light pollution. Never thought after paying out money on a scope I would be putting my hand in my pocket so soon after. I have just ordered the biggest bearing I can for the base so just the waiting game now to see how things turn out.
  6. THANKS JOHN I was on about the SW low profile duel speed post but I will look into the other. Found another post that says there is an upgrade 10:1 part for the standard crayford which is £59 so in the interest of saving them pennies I may go with that?? I don't truely understand the difference of the standard duel speed and the low profile anyway other than size Having read through some of the links in the post I decided to go with a fan and ordered the parts going with the half hearted effort of fixing it to the pre drilled holes but plan to add the vari switch and motorcycle battery for full range of power. No idea what to do with the dangling wires so will have to live with it Have an idea of a breaking method for the lazy susan bearings so if all works out I will have a go at doing a detailed thread. I like the idea of the chair feet though. Pictures are a great help Thanks.
  7. Thanks John. Just the man I've been looking for. Have been checking out your thread Low profile focuser NICE!! would like to know where you got it fo £100 though! Like the handle on the OTA where did you get it from and did you have to plate inside for strength? (like view finder mount plate) Don't suppose there is a thread from when you fitted it? I think you have the same dob as me?? have you upgraded the base ie: lazy suzan bearings. I am looking into how to make some sort of braking system so to control the scope from just swinging around.
  8. Yes I had seen this thread and found it useful but there is no straight forward way of mounting a board to the back of my 250 dob with out doing more messing that I would like to risk. The 200p finished product is great but I still don't now know how step by step how it was done. There was no mention where you get the parts like the vari control switch from so I'm still stuck and not sure what parts have proven best for the job. I think there was mention of Maplins and I took a visit yesterday butthere is so much stuff to choose from I didn't know where to start. I am concerned about the tidiness of cables dangling etc The artical on the optics was great thanks Astro_baby and I will have to search for that book Thanks Chris
  9. Thanks guys & girls. Having accumilated several telescopes over the years I put bad viewing down to having a **** telescope. It is only since joining SGL site that I found that in fact everyone has at one point or other made some kind of mod for improvement. You would think there was a book or something out there to help the beginner make these improvements. From what I have read the improvements make the whole experience so much more pleasurable. Maybe if there was a book to help beginners then there would be more amature astronomers. As with anyones first experiences of looking through a telescope, it's never quite how you had it pictured, and if the picture is washed out because your telescope is missing them little tweaks then what chance do you have.
  10. Hi Guys from a novice who really has no idea. Looking in to doing some mods. Totally understand the need for flocking and the lazy susan bearing side of thing. Although some of the searching on the web has returned pic of some messy flocking efforts. Would a mess of a flock matter as long as the original paint is covered?? And I asume the bearing are a direct replacement for the teflon pads?? Any way back to the point.... if the telescope is stored in an observatory do you still need a fan? Also what would be best a fan? one that moves plenty of air quick or one that dosn't. Some I have seen will move upto 31 CFM and others only 10 CFM. For journeys out to the sticks I take it you only need to use the fan once to cool the mirror during setup (power supply reasons to be considered) or is it to be used during observing. If it is to be used only once is it puerly just so you speed everything up ready for viewing? Are there any detailed walk throughs on the forum with pics and they like for doing mods. And finally guys (to your relief ) is it work doing any mods if you are in a light polluted area. I ask as I as I'm sure most of you do have one stationary in an observatory and one for on the go it could become exspensive to do to mods.
  11. Forgive my lack of knowledge. I hope members are still keeping an eye on this thread. What do you do with the bearing? Is it just fixed between the ground board and lazy susan? How do you know what size to get? will the bearing not be thicker than the existing teflon pads and so cause rocking???? With regards to the fan I see from the bottom of the scope there are 4 holes for a fan to fix to. Is there not a SW fan available as an accessorie that just screws straight into the fixing holes?
  12. Hi Daz and all SGL members As for the forum interface I am already impressed with the ease of uploading pictures which I have found can be an utter pain on other forums. F&Q's cover any other issues and overall the experience is pleasurable and to the point. As for the SGL members I offer a big thank you as my first post came straight back with plenty of helpful advice and enthusiasm. I'm sure long established members have heard my kinds of question time and time again but they have still made an effort to help out. Thank you SGL and whishing us all clear dark skies
  13. My bad guys it's the 250PX not the 200P Told you I've been going out my mind Where do you get the bearings from? As the scope is practically new ( no wear on any contact surfaces ) I thought it would have to be used a few times to wear it in before it loosened up. I was gona a drop some silicone spray on the pads just to help get going.
  14. Well after the advice I decided to go with a SW 250PX there was one on ebay and he agreed to end the auction early so I popped to get it last night. Although it could be considered a little pricey for a second hand dob it is in mint almost unused condition and he chucked in a revelation collimator for my troubles. The guy had only had it a couple of months and decided it was to much hassle carting it outside. I see there are some mods to be made but as I've splashed out I'm skint so the only mod I plan for now is the plastic milk bottle washer for the bolt :confused: Advice to what actually is required to be done would be much appretiated. I had a go at the guys house just to check it over but the clouds came over as I was on my way home so never got to try it out on any dso's Thank you all for your advice [ATTACH]42582[/ATTACH]
  15. I have seen a lot mentioned about wooden tripods but with fabrications skills I was going to go down the path of steel. Granted a nightmare ensues setting up but suerly the weight alone should make for rigid support. The aluminum tripod I have with the EQ5 has already been filled with a bag of concrete in an attempt to dampen the frustraiting wobble. I know the 200 reflector is up on the limits of the EQ5 head but suerly they couldn't sell them so readily on this mount and tripod if there was not some improvement to be made. The tripod is heavier and feels more sturdy but I just think it's in the nature of aluminum and plastic to flex.
  16. Hi Thank you all for the advice. Looks like the dob wins. Any advice on the SW 250px dob and what's the pyrex mirror all about?
  17. Hi Everyone I'm Nick and I've had an interest in astronomy for 6 years on and off. Starting to explore the dso but finding it hard due to light pollution in my area. Not to clued up on overall knowledge just a point and view kind a person. Have been allowed on to some land so now have the chance to eye ball upto mag 5.5 - 5.75 so hope to gain the knowledge and advice needed from the forum to make the best of my new skies.
  18. Hi Everone I'm Nick and a newbie to the forum. I need help PLEASE!! :confused: I have a second hand Helios 200mm Reflector which although old works great, but the mount (EQ5 no motor drives) just makes such a chore of the experience. I am on a tight budget £400 (wife & kids making sure of that) and I am debating between either improving my EQ5 with some kind of steel tripod or investment in a second hand heq5 or EQ6. My stressing swirling head comes from the cost of even a second hand HEQ5 or EQ6 can be £300 - £500 which I could get a secondhand or even new 10" dob for the same kind of money. Having never used a dob is the whole nudging thing a pain? and how do the wooden bases hold up to a dew covered field? Most concerned about .."how do you get them level???" do you have to take a shovel to flatten the ground? I hope someone can understand my delema and offer advice. Good mounts rarely come up second hand at a price I can afford and will not have any kind of guarentee but tracking even with slow mo controls is easier if it should get lost from view. A 10" dob can be purchased new for £400 and I would have a 2" appature gain and an easier set up but can exspect a night of nudged views and the possibility I loose the subject all together. would there be any significant gain from the 10" over the 8" (mag 5.5 - 5.75 Sky) Thanks for any help in advance. Spaceboy
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