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  1. If your current version is working then I would stick with it for today and upgrade tomorrow. Upgrading is straight forward but things can go wrong (usually pilot error) and if you need it tonight then sods law says it will.
  2. Nice detail Ant. How long an exposure was that?
  3. Hi Jacob My setup has a similar resolution to yours (3.1 asecs per pixel) and I am more than happy with results. Here is a typical ha shot from last winter.
  4. Great images Casper. Glad to see that you have got everything working at last. What a difference a year makes.
  5. Had a quick play in AA5 (still learning how to use it).
  6. I have just noticed that there is a copy of PS7 on ebay..current bid £10, finishes in 10 hours
  7. I still use Photoshop7 which is I believe was Olly's workhorse. It will process levels and curves in 16bit but to use virtually everything else must change to 8bit. Thus most of the detail can be extracted in 16 bit. Rather than upgrade photoshop I have bought AstroArt5 which I am just getting to grips with. This has loads of bells and whistles and I can still add a few touches in ps7. I have also been playing with another imaging program that my grandson has picked up for £10...Serif Photplusx4. This will process 'raw' images and is similar in use to PS with levels,curves and loads more. Here is a link........ http://www.serif.com/photoplus/phpx4.aspx?MC=SERPPCPHP1&gclid=COqknYX3_7ECFUNkfAodnAgAMg It is not the latest version, hence the price.
  8. Here is one of the threads........ http://stargazerslounge.com/showthread.php?t=183490
  9. I use 'artemis capure' for imaging. I love the 'sequencer' feature so I can plan my imaging exposures in advance and they are saved without ticking the autosave box. I tried 'dawn' but soon moved on to more robust software.
  10. The Heq5 is a great mount....same motors and precision as the Heq6 but lighter and thus easier to lug about. If you image with small refractors, such as the sw ed80 or the brilliant (sorry biased somewhat) william optics megrez 70 or 72mm, then the heq5 will do an excellent job; even when you need to add a second scope and camera for guiding. If you go the route of imaging through reflectors of 200mm or similar you may eventually need to think of buying the heavier mount. I have had all types of scopes and would never change from the compact simplicity of a decent refractor but it took a lot of scopes before I came to that conclusion. You could always buy a cheap sw80mm achro refractor to play with (and get some decent results) and this scope will eventually become your guide scope whatever you decide to upgrade to. John
  11. This is the link to the garden pier and dustbin cover which was mentioned by Andy. It's on my list of projects for the summer. How to...build a back-garden telescope pier | Sky at Night Magazine
  12. There have been various threads on SGL. Here is one I found when I 'googled..stripdown eq3'. http://stargazerslounge.com/diy-astronomer/176118-guided-eq3-2-write-up.html
  13. Good luck with your new scope and I hope you don't find imaging at all stressful. I have to say thought, that I found picking the scope a whole lot easier than learning the basics of imagining. At one point I was seriously tempted to pack it all in and take up basket weaving.
  14. It sounds as if the Crayford tensioner is similar to the one on my wo megrez 72, ie. just an allen key to tighten or slacken. When I first added a filter wheel ,camera etc the scope looked up and the focuser dropped down, but with suitable adjustment to the focuser everything plays the same game now. Hopefully it still will when I add a focal reducer in the Autumn. Just noticed the new wo 70mm has a new rack and pinion focuser instead of a crayford. Wish that had been available when I bought my wo72mm Good luck
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