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  1. How about this one on fleabay, currently £102.00 ? http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/Meade-LXD55-5-inch-Achromatic-Refractor-Telescope_W0QQitemZ230232946063QQihZ013QQcategoryZ3636QQssPageNameZWDVWQQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem Might be worth a punt Cheers Hugh
  2. Thanks KK, just wikipedia'd it - fascinating. Hugh
  3. That's the sort of thing John - thanks. Hugh
  4. Hi Ombos, I'm no expert but I've got a Celestron Nexstar 6SE and it's been a great scope for me. It's quick to set up, portable, the alignment is quite simple and the views are very crisp. If your'e thinking of imaging though, I would go for a different mount, the alt/az's don't really lend themselves to this (there's plenty of advice on this forum if you go down the imaging route - checkout some of the images on the forum !!!). Philsail's advice 2. "The best telescope is the one you use most." is sound, trouble is, you do progress to your preferences, whether they be planetary, deep sky, or
  5. Has anyone got a good source for these, or a diy solution? I have heard that 25mm film canisters work? Any ideas or suggestions gratefully received. Have a great evening all! Hugh
  6. That is a very nice set John and well presented. I've attached my humble collection in it's Maplins case. I do have the silica sachets under the ep's, do you think it is better to site them undet the foam ? As you can see I have many Pentax/Televue sized gaps - I'm trying to convince the wife how silly and unbalanced the case looks without them ..... Anyway, from L to R; Pentax XL7, Televue 11mm plossl, Celestron e-lux 25mm, TAL Kellner 15m, next row, Parks Gold 3x barlow, Celestron diagonal, and tucked in the corner a moon filter (Astronomica). I've yet to use the TAL as I got it with some c
  7. As a lad, seeing Orion's "belt and dagger", as it was described at the time, and as a slightly older lad, good old Saturn and rings with my 6SE. Plus lots of reflective moments that don't quite make a wow, but leave you quietly gobsmacked at the immensity of it all.... Have a great Christmas everyone!
  8. Thanks Philip, As soon as I sort the printer out I'll have a go! :moon: Hugh
  9. I'm doing my best to fill mine but it's an expensive goal. I'm thinking of buying another one for a Canon 40D that I haven't got (yet) Ah well, y'can dream can't you? Hugh
  10. Welcome to SGL Dave :sunny: Hugh
  11. Welcome to SGL Phil :sunny: Hugh
  12. Hugh

    G'day from Glasgow

    Welcome to SGL Dave :sunny: Hugh
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