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  1. I have recently bought an 8 inch dobsonian (orion intelliscope) and have been out literally every night it was clear (which wasnt' meany) and have seen a lot through it i didn't think i would be able to see and I would love to take some pictures through it. IS IT POSSIBLE TO GET A MOTOR FOR MY DOBSONIAN AND WHERE COULD I BUY ONE FROM (i live in the UK) Thanks:icon_confused:
  2. Thanks to everyone who posted. I have got an 8inch orion Intelliscope and so far is great, nothing bad, well just the nudging as michael said- is a bit annoying. The scope came for £250.
  3. Thanks Michael. I came across the Skywatcher 200P Flextube Dobsonian- does anyone know if its any better than 150P/L?
  4. Thanks everyone. I think ill get the 150PL or a dobsonian- and ill FORGET AP for now
  5. It is my 13th birthday soon i would really like a telescope, but i dont know what to buy. I know how to work a telescope basically. I would like to do deep-sky observing and also a little prime-focus astrophotography once i have got used to working the telescope. I have been thinking about getting the Skywatcher Explorer-150P, but really i need some help from someone who owns a scope and can give some advice. Can someone recommend any good quality scopes around £300 ($450)? There are so many to choose from!
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