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  1. Ed, Thanks for that, you are right, its the screw holding the eyepiece. I'll have a look at B & Q, got one just up the road. Thanks Scott.
  2. hiya all. First night out with my new diagonal, and i droppped the ruddy thumb screw in the garden, and its missing presumed lost forever. Anyone got any idea of the size of the screw? I see another thread pointing me to ebay to buy some, but wanted to confirm the right size first. Thanks for any help. Scott.
  3. Hello everyone. I see a few folks from Scotland here, nice to have some folks near me. I'm from near Edinburgh, Central Scotland. I've been into astronomy for about 6 months now, and recently bought a second scope, a Celestron 127 SLT from our good friends at FLO I like looking at planets mostly at present, but would like to see some of the nebulae etc, but the skies havnt been to good to me recently. I've been reading this forum for a few weeks now, but thought I should say hello, I've had some really good information here. Its nice to be here and hope i can join in with you all. Cheers
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