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  1. I have the same problem with my qhy6 and qhy10 cameras on win 7 and win 10 64 bit. I sometimes get an image but it soon reverts to full well. the cameras still work fine on my 32 bit laptop so I am 100% sure that it is the 64 bit drivers supplied by qhyccd. I have placed two tickets with their help desk which are both still open but after initial contact I have not heard from them. I suspect they know of the problem but either won't acknowledge it or cannot find the problem. Hopefully someone might come up with a solution. if I hear anything worthy of note from qhyccd helpdesk,
  2. How cool is that! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. If you keep this up guys my head will be too big to get into the observatory. Your comments are appreciated greatly. Thanks David David
  4. Thanks guys. Just need to get some clear sky's and go for it. David
  5. Hi all I just wanted to share my giddyness at having purchased a new colour camera from ModernAstronomy. The camera is a Mammut guider imager camera. I took my first colour photo of the Ring Nebula which I have attached. There is no calibration at all, unguided and the image is made up of 30 x 30 second frames stacked. I couldn't take any more because of problems with the mount but I am realy chuffed with this first attempt. Has anyone else out there got a Mammut and if so what do you think of them? David
  6. I'll give them a go tomorrow Roger. Thanks again for the advice.
  7. Hi Roger Thanks for that, can you enlighten me as to what FLO stands for.
  8. Hi Can anyone tell me where I can source a replacement HEQ5 pro worm gear and shaft in the UK. I had and accident and dropped the mount causing the worm gear on the dec axis to bend.
  9. I did a similar thing on my drive. I set up, polar aligned and marked the tripod foot positions on the concrete. I then used a 16mm masonry drill to create the dimples in the concrete. I used to use a better viewing position on the lawn but walking on the wet grass kind of ruined the lawn. David
  10. Thanks iturner2, I'll enjoy reading it. Cheers David
  11. What book is this iTurner? David
  12. It's a matter of personal choice and available funds Shane. It's nice to be able to buy a kit, and have a box to keep it all in good condition, but some of the filters might not get used for some time and maybe never. You will get a reasonably good range of EP's. On the other hand if you think you will stay with it you can build up a selection of good quality lenses which will reward you if you upgrade your system in future by buying individually. This is the option I followed and has stood me in good stead. You will find as you upgrade to higher powered scopes that you will need some lower po
  13. Hi Shane. I would try using a 10mm EP or a 2x Barlow lens. Generally as you increase the barlow size or decrease the lense size you get more magnification but Jupiter will move through your field of vision faster so you will need to track it faster. Everything is a compromise to get the image in the FOV that suits you. You didn't mention the scope and mount you have, I would be interested to know.
  14. Clever stuff, well done. David
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