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  1. I feel your frustration. The North East coast has been covered by a wall of cloud for well over a week. Chance of a few breaks appearing tonight, so gonna get myself outside, no matter how fleeting the breaks may be.
  2. Is your tripod adapter up to the job? I've just ordered a metal one in the hope that it will improve stability. The bino's themselves are an absolute steal for 50 notes.
  3. I think I've identified the problem.. It's the el-cheapo tripod adapter that came free with the bino's; It wobbles like a plate of jelly! I've just tried the bino's handheld, like I used them this afternoon, and Jupiter, along with the stars, are sharp, single points of light. Sorry for the false alarm chaps. I appreciate you both taking time out to offer me advice. I wish you both clear skies! Ian
  4. Hey all, The Celestron Skymaster 15x70 bino's I ordered from FLO arrived today. I briefly tried them out this afternoon and everything seemed a-okay. I used my neighbours television aerials as quick test targets and they came nicely into focus. However, after eagerly awaiting the onset of nightfall, I went back outside and pointed the binoculars towards Jupiter. My excitement was curtailed when I was greeted by what I can only describe as a double, or ghost image? When I close either my left, or right eye, the problem ceases to exist. Is this a collimation issue? Thanks in advance. Ian
  5. Wow, thanks for the warm welcome all, much appreciated. Thanks for the heads-up. It may take me a little while to hit the 50 post mark; I don't tend to say much, unless I have something worth saying. I'm not all that opinionated either. Cheers, I plan to purchase a scope once I've familiarised myself with the whereabouts of the "wows" that the heavens have to offer. I already have a Velbon Sherpa tripod and the 15x70's come with an adapter included. I won't know if the adapter is substantial enough to give me a steady view until the bino's arrive. Mum's the word
  6. Thanks for that. The poor weather makes the wait all the easier. Regards, Ian
  7. Hi all, I've been browsing this site for a little while and felt it was due time I broke my posting duck. I had a great interest in anything space related as a young child, although, my interest never progressed beyond the books I would read on library day at school. Unfortunately, as I grew older, I had my head turned by life's 'uglier' motivations and neglected to remember that we actually reside in a galaxy, where anything other than the Moon, and a few faint points of light, lay beyond the manmade orange veil that saturates the night sky.. Thankfully, that all changed a couple of weeks ago! I was staying at a friends house and he kindly allowed me to have a peek through his rather modest 3" spotting scope. By sheer chance, whilst panning the night sky, I noticed two points of light; one was orange and the other blue. I was astounded by their colour contrast against the dark sky and spent well over an hour marvelling at this majestic sight.. I later discovered that I had been looking at the double star, Albireo. This short time spent at the eyepiece has well and truly rekindled my childlike wonder! My pocket can't really support another expensive hobby at the moment and with that in mind, I recently ordered a pair of budget bino's (Celestron Skymaster 15x70) to dip my toe in the waters. I feel the bug is really gonna bite! Regards, Ian
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