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  1. It should just pull off...theres nothing securing it
  2. I have one of these ...well its a Helios which is now skywatcher so I assume its the same....great scope took this pic the other night through it by holding my phone to it
  3. thanks for the replies fellas
  4. just noticed this thread, my refractor lens dewed up whilst observing, when finished i took the scope indoors and left the caps off, the dew slowly disappeared, but it seems it has left some kind of "foggy stain" on the inside of the objective, anyone else had this problem?. should i leave it or clean it?
  5. What is the best material to use for Air spacing an achromatic doublet? Would some small squares of Electricians tape do the job, or does the "gap" have to be a certain size?
  6. if your views are still fine, i would leave it, you could do more harm than good messing with it
  7. why not make your own from an old pair of binos & a star diagonal(optional). Pick them up cheap from a car boot, bit of tube and bingo a 50mm finder cheaper than buying
  8. Are you using a star diagonal? if so did it focus ok with the original eyepieces before you added the adapter? try focussing using the original eyepieces only with & without a diagonal, if they achieve focus in both instances then the adapter is causing the problem and as jgs001 said the adapter is taking the eyepiece out of focus range
  9. pity you dont already have a mount, you can pick up a skywatcher 120 refractor ota for £239, nice piece of kit for the price
  10. depend on what you have already of course, but a bigger finder is always favourite or maybe a nice bag/case for transportation
  11. haha that reads wrong its almost like i meant you can never have enough women & handbags!....you get the idea though lol
  12. seriously its like women & handbags....you can never have enough!
  13. my shoe once, whilst observing in a field, there was a large muddy section that i didnt notice in the dark and whilst negotiating myself round the scope i heard a loud "suction" noise followed by a resulting "bootie"
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