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  1. hi, can anyone pls tell me the difference between Helios Fieldmaster 10x50 & helios Nature sports plus 10x50 binoculars? which one is better? thnx.
  2. hi jgs001, thanks for your quick reply. well, recently i have bought one meade 10x50 bino. i didnt get the chance to test it to the night sky as the sky is always cloudy. i am living in london, east ham. but one problem i am facing with it, that is, its left eye cap is not strong enough to stay in its place. it moves with a little bit pressure. and i have to foucus it again..dont understand how to fix it..sometimes i thought that i will fix the eye caps with superglue. so it wont move anymore.
  3. Hi, As i am new in astronomy i am a binoculars user. I have had a chance to look to the sky through telescope once, till then i am a fan of binoculars. it is comfortable, 3d view and i enjoy watching sky through binoculars. anyway, for this reason i would like to own a quality 10x50 binoculars for lifetime. i already have 15x70 celestron skymaster which i am happy with (as i am in tight budget). I dont want to spend more than £60-70 for 10x50. so can anyone please tell me which one will be best in this price? provide me sharp, bright, clear image for astronomy? and could anyone please tell me what is the difference between Helios Fieldmaster 10x50 binoculars and Helios Naturesport-Plus 10x50 binoculars which one is better for astronomy? coz i have heard lots of good comments about Helios binoculars. particularly these brands are comparatively cheaper than Helios Aquila HR 10x50 Binoculars. thank you very much.
  4. Thank you Revs. I am really in tight budget. its hard for me to spend £30 for bino at this moment. but i m bit confused between this binos and Meade 10x50 which costs £25. are there any big difference between them? could u pls tell me?
  5. hi, does anyone know about this binoculars 7dayshop 10x50 Binoculars - Sport Series (Ref. 7DAY10X50).. this is only around £17 in amazon. are those good for astronomy? pls let me know. thank you.
  6. @jgs.... thank you so much for your quick reply..your advice will help me a lot. @brantuk.. thank you for your tips. as i am a photographer i have a tripod and i use it for astronomy too. and yes of course i will keep my eyes on lidl and aldi. thanks both of you.
  7. More.... what else can i see pretty much clearly with 8x40 binoculars? thanks.
  8. Hi, I am totally new in astronomy though i have lots of interests about it from long ago. well, though i have own celestron skymaster 15x70 binoculars, and it seemed really good to me. but as it is too big and heavy i would like to buy another pair of bino as i can carry it with me all the time. coz sometimes i finish my work late at night and wait for bus for long time, and i would like to watch moon and stars to spend time. so, i have these questions, someone pls tell me that 1. how good is ADMIRAL 10 X 50 BINOCULARS for astronomy coz i found it in ebay for £18. 2. how good is Halina Discovery 8x40 Wide Angle Binoculars for astronomy, can i see the moons of jupiter with this power? coz i like to watch the moons of jupiter. coz these seemed bit smaller to me and can carry it easily. what else can i see pretty much clearly with 8x40 binoculars? thanks. i cant spend more than £20 for binoculars. so if anyone has any information of more or less good binoculars in this price then it would be a big help for me. anyone please help me with these question? thank you very much.
  9. hi moonshane, thanks a lot for such a nice software.. its really amazing..hope i will be adopt with this software.. but the big probm i am facing now is light pollution, and open place to watch sky.. thanks a lot again..
  10. hi John, yes.. i m feeling lucky.. coz its really hard for me to spend more... and i should thank you, coz i new about FLO from you.. anyway.. could u pls help me one more time? that is, i m totally new about stars. is there anything to for beginner like me to be introduced with stars? (and of course for free ) any link or free download.. thnx
  11. hi John, thnx for your reply.. my budget is around £50.. well, i have ordered for Celestron 15x70 from FLO.. thnx for the advice of FLO you have given.. i did contact with Martin. he is a very nice person and very helpful.. thnx john.. take care and be fine..
  12. johninderby, thank you johninderby for your reply. now i got more confused what to buy.. lol.. well, can i ask you if it is you then which one you would buy among them? thank you.
  13. Hi johninderby, how r u? hope you are doing fine. i have read your review and i have to say that it's really nice and detailed. i am so much interested about astronomy. but i am entirely new for stargazing. i want to have a pair of binoculars and doing some research from last few days on it. and finally i have almost decided to get celestron skymaster 15x70 binoculars. but before getting it i would like to ask you something. i hope you will help me with this. 1. Revelation 15x70 Binoculars are almost the same price as the celestron skymaster 15x70, somewhere revelation is little cheaper than celestron. is this revelation binoculars are really good for stargazing? i am bit confused now, what to get? i dont have enough money even i can hardly spend £60. but i also prefer quality things. 2. you said about a dealer named FLO for celestron. they are reliable. i couldnt find them could you please give me the link of them? could u please reply me? it would be really nice of you. i am eagerly waiting for your reply. thank you ..
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