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  1. Hi Tripel, get yourself the Star Walk app. This makes use of the ipad cameras and compass, you point at the night sky and it will tell you what your looking at, £1.49 last time I looked. Also advise watching the astronomyshed videos on youtube and astro babies guides. Goodluck and your in for a treat with that telescope.
  2. Star Walk is a must have for iPad, also moon and mars globes. NASA tv and my personal favourite is Exoplanet.
  3. I bought a cheap one from Amazon around £4, most will recommend the Keyspan one at around £35. I have read of an issue for prolific with 10.7, but am sure there's a work around. You,ll get what you need here - http://www.astronomiser.co.uk/converters.htm. Hope this helps as a Mac user I know it can be fun to find astro software and drivers.
  4. Have you installed the Prolific drivers for 10.7, for your USB to rs232 cable.
  5. Hi Jonathan, connecting your ipad to a EQ mount is as simple as it gets, the skyfi wifi unit in connection with the Southern stars app is simple to set up ( the Orion version app is the same ). If your able to use an ipad and an eq mount then you have nothing to worry about. The ipad picks up the skyfi wifi signal straight away no configuration required just click it in network settings, just as if it was your home router then open the app which is also pre configured to connect, job done. Should take you about two minutes to learn how it works, it really is that simple. You must have used the alignment setup on the eq mount first for the app to know where things are to get the position of the mount. I know people say things are easy when they are not but this really is almost idiot proof.
  6. Hi Dave from a bit further down.
  7. Bought one for my niece and nephew a few years ago, they were aged 6 and 10 they loved it, the barlow is only fit for the bin. Gave me the best view of M45 I have ever seen. Totally child friendly and it now lives on my bedroom window sill and gets used far more than my other telescopes. Good views of the moon and nice views of Jupiter and moons and an amazing M45. For the kids it was the ability to do it for themselves which they loved it for. Mine now as they have moved onto other things, I have named it mini hubble and would not be without it.
  8. Steve if it clears up tonight will try for you and report back.
  9. Hi Steve, I have the C90 and use it mostly as a day time spotting scope and it does a fine job. I have used on several occasions as a night time grab and go, the EQ3 is more than capable of handling the C90 well. It gives nice sharp views of the moon and jupiter with the supplied 32mm Plossl. Have not tried to image with it yet with my SPC but am sure it would be a capable performer. It comes with its own rucksack which is pretty sturdy, allrounder as far as I am concerned. Am currently searching to see if I can find a focal reducer to fit, as I would like to attach a DSLR to it for some birding.
  10. Kepler 22-b can be found here - 19h 18m 09s +47 53' 29"
  11. Kepler 22-b is orbiting star KIC1093626, with an orbital period of 290 days. If it was in our solar system it would be located between earth and venus. It can be located at 19h 18m 09s +47 53' 29". It has a radius of 2.38 earth masses, the host sun as named above has a stella mass of 0.97. They are getting there, only a matter of time before they find a perfect match. All the above information was obtained from the Exoplanet app for ipad2, this one app is worth getting an ipad for on its own.
  12. Hi Scott, with a budget like yours I would have to move from South Wales (I am A valley boy). The thought of all that kit sitting unused under 365 days of cloud and rain would make my head explode. If you think that you would be under whelmed by a six inch newt you'd be surprised, the weather and seeing conditions we have around here are terrible. If I was you I'd get a 6-8" newt first, then move up to the big boys toys after I was sure it was for me. Good luck with your choice and if you do get an 11"HD edge, can I come around to play please.
  13. Dai150PL

    Fab Labs

    Hi Gina just googled it and found this link for fablab in uk. - UK's first FabLab brings invention to the people — Looks very interesting.
  14. It is amazing how fast they are, I stand in the garden with the dogs on summer nights just watching them dart around feeding.
  15. A Bat for me also, give a me a shock. I really like it when a plane flies past when viewing the moon, always wish at that moment I was recording it.
  16. Gonzo the motors on the pro are different to the stand alone upgrade ones. Before you buy may I ask what telescope your planning to put on it.
  17. Get yourself a set of motors, they stay attached and are far better than the hand controls. They are the best upgrade for an eq3-2 in my opinion. And after that get an auto focuser. Best £150 you'll spend.
  18. Have a look here - astronomyshed's Channel - YouTube
  19. I have one for my 150PL and would not be without it.
  20. Hi Chris its a Telrad, have a look at this - http://www.astromag.co.uk/pdfs/telrad.pdf
  21. Hi Missclio, If was still living in London then I would be heading here , looks like a good day out - Telescopes UK: Telescopes & Telescope Accessories in your only London shop
  22. When I was last down there the coastguard and search and rescue guys were there with a boat out in the water, no idea who they were looking for. Probably another fisherman, spent many nights fishing there, amazing views of the night sky just very dangerous if the weathers a bit rough.
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