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  1. Could someone please tell me if it is possible to split open the Ed lens of the Skywatcher pro range. I tried to clean it only to find the problem was under the glass, removed the dew shield and lens came out in it so was able to look from both sides. It also appears there is a blemish in the glass.

    It is less than a year old and am not happy about the blemish, thinking of contacting the supplier but do not want to return if the issue was caused by me some how. So can anyone tell me how the outside of the lens was clean but the inside is spotty is the best way I can describe it.


  2. Hi guys will hopefully spend some time up that way this week, will find a site big enough for everyone who wants to come and join us. Have a look on google maps for the cray res then the heol senni road that turns off left, then go to street view a few hundred meters up and have a look around. dark and quiet and big enough for just about all of SGL.

    Ps can someone tell me please how to get the co ordinates off google maps.


  3. Hi all, I am hoping any of you Flea3 users could advise me please. I have been looking for a dedicated planetary imaging camera, the short list was either the DMK 21AF618.AS or the Flea3, both firewire models. The flea3 seems to tick my boxes so was hoping you could give me your user experiences. The plan is for a mono camera but am happy to go colour if advised.


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