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  1. ok, just ordered a 8mm celestron x-cell from flo as a planetary piece. if i like it then i will buy a few in the x-cell range over the next few months. good choice???
  2. my brain is pickled now. i have thought about and researched nothing but eyepieces all day. i think i am going to have to up my outlay a little bit and am thinking of the william optics spl here William Optics i think a 3mm would be a little overpowering for my scope but 6 and 12.5 would work ok wouldent they? are these worthy lenses as planetary is my main focus for now. or do i go for a single planitary lense like this tmb one TMB 6mm Premium Planetary Eyepiece (1.25" Fitting) on eBay (end time 01-Sep-10 14:18:14 BST) CONFUSED.COM
  3. are the meade 4000 series super plossl ep's any good? they are a bit more expensive than i wanted to spend but i really like the look of this set NEW MEADE PLOSSL 6 Eyepiece+Barlow+5 Colour/Moon Filter on eBay (end time 05-Sep-10 06:14:03 BST) if they are worth buying then i wil start saving :-)
  4. jurassicreps


    hey, welcome from bristol
  5. thanks for all the replys, and moonshane i am considering your offer. has anyone with a 127 mak tried these Sky Watcher Sky-Watcher Ultrawide Eyepieces (6mm to 20mm) ? i just want tostart by getting better planetary views. i cant even see jupiter as sharp as i would like too and deffinatly cant see any detail. im pretty limeted to the moon at the moment and thats getting boring now lol.
  6. not too far i ive on wells road (a37) near knowle across the other side of town from you.
  7. jurassicreps


    hey, welcome from bristol
  8. hi david welcome, im moving to radstock soon from bristol so not toofar from you.
  9. now realising the standard eyepieces that i got with my skywatcher 127 mak are **** just wondering if the eyepiecs set from flo are any good? if not then what range of eyepieces are good at a price of around £15 - £30 each? i know its not alot of money to spend but we all got to start somewhere and the £350 scope and mount emptied my bank.
  10. hi, is this a good kit? i was thinking of going for it myself.
  11. hi, my name is ryan, i own a reptile shop in bristol and am just starting to get in to stargazing i bought a skywatcher skymax 127 mak on the goto synscan mount. i look foward to boring you all with my stupid questions
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