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  1. i bought it second hand unfortunatly and the guy i got it from hasnt got it. does anyone know where i can get one from?
  2. hi, im a little confused. i tried to use my hyperion last night as a 2" on my 250px dob and the hole in the focuser is way to big. is there an adapter that i need to get? the only adapter i have got is the 1.25" one. many thanks ryan
  3. the problem is that i can have 1 or the other as i would have to p/x the mak at my local astro store to be able to afford the 250px. so do i stick with the mak and save up for ages or go straight in on a p/x for the dob??? moving the dob around isnt much hastle as it eill be next to the back door and collimation. that shouldent be a prob. its more that im not happy with the quality of views that im getting through the mak and really dont want to get bored with just looking at jupiter.
  4. after using my mak 127 for planitary viewing the last couple of months i think i want something new. i am thinking of the 250px dob here: Dobsonians - Skywatcher Skyliner 250PX Dobsonian i want to get more into dso's reather that just planitary and my mak is obviously quite limeted to planitary so the question is this a good choice or would i be better off with something else?
  5. well i decided not to get it in the end, he obviously didnt know what it was as he was selling it as a 10" lx10.
  6. im down visiting my parents in cornwall and just found a 10" lx10 for sale in thier local camera shop. they are asking £450 for it on a tripod and just wondering if it was worth buying?
  7. thanks for the advice all. i am putting it down to light pollution from the moon as i stayed up quite late last night and when the light from the moon got a little less the views were improving. and also if i used my light pollution filter was better again. i really want the sw 250px dob though and mabee im trying to find an excuse to buy it
  8. just has a look with a 32mm celestron omni and i can get a good sharp image of jupiter. if i put my 2x celestron ultima barlow onto the 32mm then quality is still good but wont focus as good. put in my 8mm celestron x-cell and cant focus very well and can see no detail.
  9. it is outside now and has been for 2 hours lenses not fogged up.
  10. im a little dissapointed with my 127 mak, after days of tinking about eyepieces i chose a 8mm x-cell and i cant get a clear view of jupiter. so then i thought 8mm is too powerfull for my scope and tried the std 10mm. that was better but still not sharp and couldent really see colour or much definition. am i asking a bit too much of the scope? i dint think anything is wrong with the focuser or mirrors etc because i can get great views of the craters on the moon around the edges. im seriously thinking of getting rid of it and getting a 8" or 10" dob.
  11. hey, welcome from bristol uk
  12. hey, welcome from bristol, i have the 127 mak and find it a ery good starter scope.
  13. jurassicreps


    hey, welcome from bristol
  14. hey, welcome, im from bristol too. what part do you lie in?
  15. hey al welcome from bristol
  16. hi and welcome to sgl from bristol
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