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  1. Very nice scope you have, and a great size too. It is interesting when you say that until you used the forum you did not think a bob would be for you. I used to be the same but now that I have had one for about a year, it is the scope that gets used the most. The simplicity of set up etc with no faffing about, you are observing in no time.
  2. I did say "we could see no difference to our untrained eyes". What may be acceptable optically for me may not be for someone more experienced. Sometimes optical defects are slight and only noticeable when someone in the know points them out to someone like myself.
  3. Go for it. I doubt you would regret it. I know I do not. I use my scope quite a lot and it has shown me and will continue to show me great things from our dark site. Maybe I got a good one? Maybe mine is no different to anyone elses. I just know one thing. I like it, a lot and am very happy with it.
  4. Both axis are truly smooth. Smooth as silk if that makes anyone feel better, The fact that both axis have adjustment in tension allows you to fine tune them for your personal use. The scope and mount do have quality feel to them. Other members of my local club have commented how easy it is to move the scope to where you want it to point and just to use it generally. There is no "stiction". Obviously things get tightened up if it is a bit breezy.
  5. I have the 12 inch deluxe and I have been very happy with it in the year that I have been using it. It has been used side by side with a 12 inch skywatcher and to our untrained eyes there was nothing in it visually. The Revelation/GSO scope is actually better mechanically than the skywatcher and smooth as an eel in a bag of snot on both axis. As has been said before, the focuser alone is almost worth the extra.
  6. Hi Nick and welcome, I too am from Lincolnshire. If you have not already done so, you may want to look up North Lincs Astro, or East Midlands Stargazers. There are a few of us out this way and you would be more than welcome to join us at one of our meetings. It would also give you the chance to have a look through some of the other members scopes which may in turn help you to decide which sort of set up would best suit you.
  7. Hi Andy, it is possible to see the Moons during transits. I and other members of our club have seen them on more than one occasion. The moons are usually easier to see when they are nearer to the edge of Jupiters disc due to the glare. We have watched the start of many transits, seen the moon easily in front of the planet but as time progresses it becomes increasingly difficult to follow. This is not always the case as all observing sessions are reliant on seeing etc so some transits may be more visible than others.
  8. Hi James, i have to agree with what has been said above but also, looking at your wavelet settings on Registax it looks like you have it set to auto? Plus the wavelet settings look to be unmoved except for the top one. Have you tried adjusting the wavelets manually?
  9. Stunning image, one of the best i have seen this season.
  10. I had a ST 102. It was great for low to medeum power visual work but i tried it with my camera once and all the bright stars were purple and a bit bloated. Whilst i beleive this can be processed out to an extent you would be better aiming for an ED 80 or something similar for astrophotography.
  11. + 1 for the Nirvana range of eyepieces, i own the 28, 16 and 7mm. They are all excellent eyepieces with an impressive field of view (82*). They all work very well in my f5 dob. Agreed, something to bridge the gap between the 16mm and 7mm would be good.
  12. Unfortunately scopes like this will only leave you underwhelmed and wishing you had not wasted your money.
  13. I have no personal experience of these particular tents but like yourself was looking into getting some camping gear a year or 2 ago. To be honest the cheap Halfords tent deals did not get particularly good revievs, the seams were not up to much and the tents did on occasion leak. I am not saying that they are all bad, just that i hve read some poor reviews. My advice is to try to read as many product reviews as possible before you decide to purchase something. I actually ended up buying a very good second hand tent that was in new condition, highly rated, only used twice and for sale only 2 miles form my house.
  14. I have a newtonian scope and have owned a refractor, but i bought a dob this year when i sold the refractor. The simplicity of the design makes a dob a pleasure to use. You simply point the scope to where you want to look and thats about it. Smooth movements on both axis make life a lot simpler as a dob does not track objects as it is not on a driven mount, so requires a nudge every now and then to keep the object in the field of view. Though this is no bother to be honest and the addition of uwa eyepieces (82*) helps the object stay in the field of view longer. I was suprised how easily i got on with it and it complements my set up perfectly. A newtonian on a driven mount for imaging etc and a dob for general observing.
  15. Lovely picture, and as you say, the mist actually adds to the picture in a good way.
  16. The North American Nebula needs low magnification and good conditions to be seen, plus a filter to be seen well. Even a little haze (plus light pollution) will almost wipe it out in my experience. Like yourself, sometimes I have found it easily but on other occasions I have found it difficult or impossible to see. As said in an above post, try binoculars. They will give you a good indication of how visible or not it may be before you try with the scope.
  17. Agreed, nothing quite beats the freedom of using a dob, just push or pull the scope to wherever you want.
  18. Hi, i bought a 12 inch dob earlier this year and had been using an 8 inch scope before that (which i still have). The difference is very noticable when going from an 8 to a 12 inch scope. For the planets you will be able to resolve a lot more subtle detail. I loved the view of Jupiter through my 8 inch scope but throught the 12 inch it was "wow!" Same with Saturn. To get the best of a large scope though, you would need to use it at a dark site. Don`t get me wrong, a lot can be seen if your light pollution is not too bad but 12 inch class scopes really come into their own at a dark site and will take you deep and you will be able to see objects that were just not visible in your 8 inch scope. That is my experience at least. M51 will show spiral structure, M81 will show the outer halo and M82 will show some good detail. All the above will also depend on seeing conditions etc. Aslo consider portability of a 12 inch scope! Hope this is of some help.
  19. I bought it second hand this year and it was quite new then. It has the metal tension adjusters on the sides as opposet to the awful looking handles with springs on the earlier models. They really are easy to adjust by turning them to tighten or slacken the tension off. The condition of the mirrors is excellent. When i bought the scope i removed the mirrors to clean them and could see no degradation on the mirror or coatings what so ever. I have also read the same things as you regarding the coatings but i am unable to confirm this either way. All i can say is that the scope i have has good mirrors and performs very well in all respects.
  20. I have one of the newer Revelation dobs and i am very happy with it. I have compared it side by side with the same size Skywatcher scope and visually there is nothing in it. I would say that the bearings and the supplied focuser are better on the Revelation scope though. Unfortunately i have not had the chance to look through a similar sized Orion scope but agree with the above about more options to customise mirror etc.
  21. Great first light, especially finding the Crescent Nebula!. If you were with Col then you were in good company.
  22. Excellent, really like that. Nice capture.
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