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  1. Not tried one myself, but i have been doing a lot of reading/research as I am considering something similar for my dob.

    Generally all owners of EQ platforms state that it transforms their observing. The beauty of a nudge to dob, becomes a tracking dob, so when viewing at higher powers you have far longer to observe rather than constantly moving the object back into view.

    FLO are a well renowned retailer of quality Astronomy related products so I would say it was worth it.

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  2. So a clear night and a warm one too. What better way to spend it than outside under a starry sky testing out the video imaging rig ready for the season ahead.

    The images are just some samples of what was obtained with an ED80 and Altair camera. Each capture is approx 100 seconds of 5 secind exposures stacked in live stacking in Sharpxap pro and saved without editing or processing. The shots are of my laptop screen as set up in the garden tonight.

    Still work to be done with tweaking the settings etc.




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  3. Unfortunately dew has got the better of me tonight but not before I managed to get a view of M13 Globular cluster in Hercules. Wow, wow and triple wow. I was so immersed in the view, chains of stars radiating from the centre of the cluster, resolvable all the way to the core, and it is only about 40 degrees above the horizon so should be in for a treat with this one once nearer the zenith.

    What a fabulous object, I have viewed many times in my 12 inch dob before, many times from our dark site, however what I saw tonight was far far better, brighter and more resolved than I have ever observed before, filling the eyepiece with stars. 

    Shame about the dew but lovely evening none the less.

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  4. Forecast for tonight was clear so set up the large dob in anticipation.

    Wandering around the garden giving myself time to get some dark adaptation I noticed a large amount of satelites. An imagers nightmare. 

    Fortunately for me tonight I am not imaging.

    First up, check collimation, Castor in Gemini was really nicely split at 100x. Good image in and out of focus on bright star Capella.

    On to the first object of the evening, M51 The Whirlpool Galaxy. Found the area of sky with the Telrad, looked through the eyepiece and was not there, moved a little to the left, there it is, large and well placed in the field of view, both cores very visible with the outer halo also very apparent, after a moment or two to give the view time to settle, gradually detail became more apparent, and faintly the spiral became visible with direct vision, whilst it was not jumping out at me it was there, but I had only been outside for about 15 mins and there are lights on in the house so not fully dark adapted. Will pop back to this later when the family are in bed and the street lights go off.

    Next up over to Coma Berenices, the Needle Galaxy, NGC 4565. Again found the area with the Telrad, pleasantly this time the galaxy was there in the eyepiece. Bright and obvious. Long and slender in the eyepiece with the central dust lane obvious. Again had not been out for long and conditions were not yet ideal but will go back to this object also later.

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  5. So tonight I set up the EEVA rig to test and figure out settings etc.

    Attached is 1 minutes worth of M3, taken with ED 80 and Altair GPCAM.  Rough I know but was very satisfying seeing M3 appear on screen after 1 exposure. A lot of work to do to iron out the niggles but nice to have captured something.


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  6. Nice image and some structure starting to show in the main galaxy. I am starting on the EEVA route myself and am amazed by what can be picked up in such short exposure times. As you say, better than can be seen visually.

  7. Lovely report and Images. Is your dob a goto or on an eq platform?

    The reason I ask is I have a 20 inch f4 that I am cosidering buying a tracking platform for. This could potentially be used to great effect for EEVA

  8. On 22/03/2021 at 15:56, John said:

    A few years ago, at an SGL star party, I had the chance to observe Messier 13 with a superb 20 inch David Lukehurst dobsonian. The view was, to put it mildly, jaw dropping :shocked:

    The cluster completely filled the field of view and was resolved into 100's of thousands of stars right into it's core. I'll never forget that view !




    I have to agree, the view through a 20 inch scope will blow your socks off!

  9. Really interested in this,

    I have recently aquired (today) an Altair Astro GPCAM2 327C and am keen to get out with it and start imaging.

    Online events or any event for that matter requires planning and with this hobby the weather is an occupational hazard. Opening the event up to an international participation group increases the chances of success. 

    One of the positive outcomes from this pandemic is our ability to reach our via zoom, teams etc and contact others that we would not have previously considered.


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