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  1. Excellent will look it up now.......Cheers
  2. Have seen some amazing images in the site and am angaged with the task of trying to learn how to start on imaging. I have seen a book called "A Beginners Guide to Astrophotography" by Jerry Lodriguss... Is it worth investing in something to read on the daily commute? Roy
  3. New to imagaing so any tips on what wouldbe the best equipment to get? I have got a NexIamge web cam......but need some advice on what basic set up I should look to achieve
  4. Excellent.....I also have just started (2 weeks ago) and have had some miserable attempts at capturing anything.... You give me hope. Roy
  5. Welcome to SGL... A few years back my wife and I lived in Toronto and had the great opportunity of driving from there to Boston and back in a RV.. My most memorable part was stopping at White River Valley and being abel to see the Milky Way........It took some years but it got me hooked and wanting to see more. Roy
  6. Its a bug that won't let you go.......I have never looked at the weather froecasts so much. I did some work for the Met Office a few years back and wish I had gotten some names of people to call HAHA
  7. Very nice.......Anytips? I want to sart imaging but get very frustrated with the results
  8. Just came across the posts and must say it has some great points that make so much sense......Cheers
  9. hey no worries...i spend 10 hours a day behind a computer, and then more when i get home looking at the Post here HAHA..... As a relative Newbie I was overwhelmed by the way people reached out. Roy
  10. All I can say is WOW......Thats a great sequence thanks for sharing. Roy
  11. Looks pretty good to me.... my attempt was pretty washed out and brought home to me I need a new mount that can hold the track (manual at the moment ) Roy
  12. Welcome as a relative new comer myslef you will enjoy SGL very much. Reading through all the posts certainly helping me a lot. Roy
  13. rll1288

    Hi Everyone

    Welcome to SGL and you will definately get very good help from all involved
  14. Unfortunately we are not alone..........as confimred by two touchy teenagers keep asking me.."Why is the image blurred and my friends Dad has a bigger telescope..... One of my favourite books / Films was "Contact".....so it would be nice to find something within the next few years
  15. Dubbs...they look good to me.... I did my own yesterday and it was pretty bad. So on the whole I think you done good
  16. Welcome Nick....light Pollution bad for me too....order an LPF so hopefully will make things a lot better
  17. Welcome Dai.......I hope the neighbours sleep well and don't mind the odd WOW at 01.00am HAHA
  18. rll1288

    Hello to all

    Welcome Mark....with two boys myself its good to have a few hours to talk to them without the Xbox getting in th way
  19. rll1288


    Welcome Ashtar.......
  20. Thermos.....cheers for the link to the deepsky manual....its clears a lot of things up.
  21. Great pics....makes my feeble attempts seem pathetic.. Oh well I need to get bigger aperture and someone to turn all street lights off
  22. I wish they would turn them off here............ The Havering council have just fitted new street lamps down the street, from the old ones that gave nice subtle light to some new white in-your-face type. The front of my house faces into fields that i used to be able to see some good views (SW) now it drowns everything out...
  23. I know I shouldn't but I am already looking to upgrade and have been looking at the SW EXplorer 200P with Syntrek (HEQ5) as I am into CCD imaging and the mount I have is just so twitchy to any form of movement. Playing around with EQMOD (simulation mode) it lists a number of suuported mounts and the HEQ5 is just within limit of funds For the price on FLO (hopefully + discount) it doesnt look to bad a deal but amd I looking on the right trail? Is this something that I won't regret later? Roy
  24. Welcome from London.....Grey Skies and Cloud
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