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  1. hi, is the OC1M dual speed Crayford focuser. still available please?
  2. Hi I'm interested in the TS Optics Black 8x50 RACI 90-degree How do you want to be paid? Cheers Tony
  3. i used something like this, replaced 2 of them , they seem to do the trick Just measure the diameter and make sure you get the right size https://www.vital-parts.co.uk/round-domed-chair-feet-354-p.asp
  4. didnt realise the flying foxes were part of the 633 squadron , thats some impressive bombing run!
  5. just saw this link online, prices seem reasonable https://www.groupon.co.uk/deals/gg-groupon-goods-global-gmb-h-332054-27?division=merchandising-uk&nlp=1&utm_medium=cpc&utm_source=5658&utm_campaign=UK_DT_DIS_FBK_TIM_TTT_BT_CBP_CHA_NBR_n%2A5658_c%2A5781_p%2A5436_x%2A643_z%2A6036920156008
  6. take a look at these, used for the music industry , I have a bag from them to house my C8 and it works a treat and is really good quality http://www.terralec.co.uk/padded_bags_and_covers/cobra_dj_controller_foam_case_small_485_x_410_x_170mm/33251_p.html
  7. I recently purchased a kendrick solar filter , with diameter 95-105 to fit both my 70mm and 80mm scopes. The outer diameter of the ST80 dew sheild is 100mm so the 104mm should fit, if it has adjustment screws to tighten cheers
  8. these have been advertising on Facebook of late, says founded in 2011, so a relatively young company id guess. That said, there does not appear to be a premises where this shop is run from , so Im guessing / assuming that its a reseller of equipment from an "eshop" and has to order and relay on a per order basis. Think I'll stick to FLO and a few other trusted sources good luck with it though, hope they come through for you
  9. Hi , welcome to the group, where in wales are you ?
  10. Hi all, I have a faulty eq 2 hand controller, does not power on , and will not drive motor. Does anyone have a circuit diagram of the hand controller, it will help me fault find it and identify that I put the correct components back in. It will save me trying to create one cheers
  11. If it was wrapped in polythene, shouldnt it be described as a Meteo-wrong !!
  12. Put a mirror on the roof, they'll bounce back at some point !
  13. just use one of these http://www.cablemonkey.co.uk/cat5e-accessories/1485-rj45-socket-to-d9-male-modular-d-adapter.html just wire the rj45 direct to your serial connection been using these for years
  14. i am able to see it in a 6 inch skywatcher reflector , so I think you weren't in the right place cheers
  15. saw these on ebay, http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Skywatcher-EQ5-Pro-mount-Upgraded-Latitude-Altitude-Adjustment-Bolts-/331079832954 I believe the EQ5 uses M8 bolts , the HEQ5 and EQ6 use M10
  16. I agree with the contrails statement, the level of high clouds has certainly increased over the years.
  17. I heard on a weather report earlier this week that quoted this was the cloudiest November on record - got to be a bad sign that !!
  18. Can I point out 1 thing with it, when on the slides for the planets, if you click the text links at the side you get overlapping text on the slide during the presentation. Is that what you were concerned about ?
  19. I actually think that programs like stargazing live have some responsibility, the always show images and pics from hubble and other superb scopes, without explaining what you actually see in the scope, people go out and buy the scopes in store an are disappointed when the sights they see are fuzzy and faint. I have recently had to educate a couple of colleagues in work, who are looking to buy scopes for themselves and their children. I actually pointed them to FLO and at some good starter books such as Turn Left at Orion that said I would not discourage anyone buying a DST scope if it is som
  20. The PC will create a COM port for each device you connect, another trick is to move it to an alternate usb port on the PC that can sometimes be driven by an alternate usb bus interface, and hence will re address the drivers can be a quick fix in a problem
  21. plug in the usb of the mega, then uninstall the serial Com port that gets configured, next unplug the usb and reinstall it the pc will create a new com port with a new number i.e. will go from COM12 to COM13 etc
  22. this is the place you need to go, this guy is brilliant, knows his stuff and good prices http://www.spacerocksuk.com/
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