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  1. mark_smith

    Hi all

    hi welcome to the forum ian mark_smith
  2. Great movie. Dont know what the mystery star is. I hope its a passing UFO mark_smith
  3. Great set of pictures keep up the good work mark_smith
  4. Great picture with lots of detail keep up the good work. mark_smith
  5. I dont know but i suggest you send it to the SPA meteor section See this link for more details. http://www.popastro.com/sections/meteor.htm mark_smith
  6. Great Picture just getting into solar observations myself keep up the good work. mark_smith
  7. Saw this myself looked really good in the low distance. mark_smith
  8. First time is allways best but it never gets boring. mark_smith
  9. What a great night of Tv programs loved the sky at night special on observing the moon. mark_smith
  10. wow brillant picture mark_smith
  11. Just got the magazine myself will have a look later mark_smith
  12. I had snow here this morning around 6.30 am just started work but the heavy rain made it melt so no settling happend. mark_smith
  13. Hi welcome to the forum mark_smith
  14. Good info there Warthog allways love watching iridium flares seen a couple of -8 flares really bright and shocking if not expected. mark_smith
  15. mark_smith


    hi welcome to the forum Jed great bunch of guys here mark_smith
  16. Great catch James allways a great thing to see in the night sky. mark_smith
  17. Seen one about 2 years ago allways waiting to see me next one all ways a brillant site to see in the night sky. mark_smith
  18. sorry forgot i made this posting thanks to all who have gave some brillant links. mark_smith
  19. Cant wait for some pictures of the planet allways liked observing this planet. mark_smith
  20. Scary picture quite amazing the detail in the picture. mark_smith
  21. welcome to the forum and thanks for signing my guestbook also to the others on here that did. mark_smith
  22. This is what i mean from the previous post about detailed pictures of the moon. Really good picture this one wish i could get some pictures like that. I think if my memory is correct apollo 17 landed in these mountain regions. mark_smith
  23. sorry did not explain myself propley what i was meaning was just the general areas of the landings that have been done by the users of the forum. I did not expect to see any Lunar modules or tracks just a picture of the area where the landings took place. mark_smith
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