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  1. Managed to get out and look at Jupiter on Thursday, time exposure revealed the sky was in fact deep red!. But snapped this with my new explorer 150P, 10mm EP, barlow that came with it using eyepice projection. Just a single shot. Ive been messing about with registax and a useful program called ninox but not got the hang of it yet. I was pleased... want a clear sky now! Jupiter | Flickr - Photo Sharing! Tom
  2. Looks like a lens flare to me. Also looks like a small steering jet is firing in the fore ground, so bits of ice will be floating around. If amateur astronomers can catch comets hitting Jupiter, I'm sure someone would have noticed another sun ;-)
  3. Hi ya. Yeah, done that. It's the horible weedy ali legs letting it twist I think. Heads good but let sown by the legs. The long term plan is to get some MBS extrusions to replace them, "offcuts" from work. Not tonight though.. scope time!
  4. New scope arrived today. Hats off to FLO. Being hasseld by a low level glow over Kettering, Jupiters still low but can see two cloud belts and Io just peaking out off the rim. Well pleased. Wasn't in perfect collumation but is now and love the well placed T2 screw threads on everything. Crayfords smooth, nice engineering on everything, very good. Star test nice. Sadly it's just too dark to get the camera set up on it and get the combination of my various attachments right. Pleasently suprised by eyepieces, good contrast and colour, barlow seems good too. Not really clear enough yet, low hazy glow, it's good looking North and up, but Jupiters East! Oh, its a 150PL. First impression... I need stiffer legs on my old mount! Tops good, stiff vertically but a lot of horizontal wobble, need to sort that out. Tom
  5. If you want to be more accurate but dont have a GPS, Google earth? Zoom in on your house, gives lat, long and altitude at the bottom of screen. Mine is in reasonable agreement with the gps. Tom
  6. Hi There. I'm sort of thinking out loud here so sorry but this is what I would use. Cast Iron, very stiff but easy to drill and tap. They usually would come machined very very flat, flatter than plate? Tom Buy Faceplates for Axminster BV30M Lathe from Axminster, fast delivery for the UK
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    Old newbie

    Was almost ordering a 150PDS from FLO, was thinking PL but PDS more managable I think and I like the crayford. Then the nice man suggested a SW Mak. More decisions, help needed! I know this shoudl eb in the advice section but it's lonely over there:confused:
  8. That's amazing. I know you need the kit, expertise, patience, but you can look up from our little planet and see another world in detail like that. Is'nt that Amazing. Tom
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    I'm new too a few days ago, seem a very friendy bunch! Welcome.
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    NYM is one of my favorites. Basically if it boils water and needs stoking, it's got my attention! Tom
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    Cheers for the comment. It's not too bad, it's addicitve though! I could buy one, more fun to make one. I have a number of pastimes that usually end up bent over a mill or a lathe. I am frequently asking myself if the hobby in question is just an excuse to make bits and scrounge offcuts! I was considering building a scope but am being very very good and forcing myself to get a decent one, thats already finished, get outside and look at some planets Tom
  12. black5f

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    I'm planning a new scope, one of the projects on the list is to use the spare x2 and x3 element clusters I have and mount them as barlows to see how they perform. They are usually 4 or 5 m/c elements about 3/4 inch diameter and I can't see why they shouldn't be quite good (for free that is!). Tom
  13. black5f

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    Hi. It's quite easy if you have access to a lathe. Eg, get hold of an old M42 teleconverter, I bought 3 for a fiver. Take out the elements and throw them away Stick it in a lathe and bore out the female end to fit over the eyepiece or better, its holder, drill and thread for a retaining screw. Then go and buy some of those bayonet extension tubes from amazon, the ones that have no AF coupling (but a big hole up the middle), are usless for macro stuff but only cost £5. Get a M42 adapter for you prefered camera mount and use the tubes for relief over the eyepiece = eyepiece projection kit, bayonet mount for about £15! The hole through the cheap tubes is sometimes just big enough for 2" eyepieces if you make an end bush instead of the old teleconverter. Also cheap tele converters seem to make good barlows (for me), use them to magnify x2 for prime focus. I have a teleconverter (with out elements) bored to take a 1.25 eye piece. Very quick then to attach a camera. Tom
  14. FLO have the 150pds for £180, dual crayford, seems like a lot of scope for the money but is 750mm a bit too short for the planets? I'mnot sure, currently have 6.5, 12.5 and 25 super pl. Don't think it comes with a barlow though. Tom
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    You all sound so nice :-)
  16. Thanks for the reply and value the advice. I like the PL very much (and it's £75ish cheaper, which is nearly enough for an ad on crayford). Just trying to weigh things up, protection for the camera etc etc. Is it important for the hour a week I'll be lucky to get? Probably spent a years worth of viewing comparing them on the internet. Decisions decisions when I could be outside viewing if it wasn't rodding down;-) Tom
  17. black5f

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    Thanks for the hearty welcome and thanks for the compliment. The wide angle view of the garden was moments later so you can see the conditions. And yes, I have to admit, my name is refering to Staniers finest... (One of) my other vices ;-) Tom
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    Oops, here's the link Jupiter 8 | Flickr - Photo Sharing!
  19. I'm sure this has been discussed time and again but.. I'm in this for a bit of fun, limited budget etc. I have a good german mount, very sturdy but could do with stiffer legs which are being scrounged so I'm looking for an OTA. 50:50 observing, imaging. I have two on the list. Explorer 150PL and the Evostar 120. I know the PL is nice because I had a chance to play with one and I know most will say get the PL. But.. I like refracters. They are enclosed and give some protection to the sensor from moisture, insects etc in the £400 camera thats going to hang on it. Their a bit more good to go and a bit less fiddling around in the long run. BTW It'll be mostly used for planets and lunar. Some reviewers are offended by the CA, is it really that bad if you're not looking for it? Tom
  20. black5f

    Old newbie

    Hi. Basically been randomly looking up at the sky for 47 years and now fancy doing a little more! So joined for some advice. Did have a very poor sperical and frustrating reflector (now gone) and the only scope I have remaining is a very old 60mm tasco and lots of binos, but, it gives a remarkably good view! Taken some photos now and then with canon 100D (v light!, mirror lock up, remote wired release (not sily IR remote fro the front) and all colour response adjustable). Make my own attachments (got lathes etc). Took this pic recently, I know it's awful, but it was an awful night, cloudy, glow from the local town and on a plastic cheap as they get scope! Just in it for fun.
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