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  1. Just for info 9 months on its still going strong. You have to be wise and keep the HD clean, get rid of old vers of windows etc. BYE trial and eos movie record is giving 10 - 12 fps. Stellarium is fine. Managed to share it on network so can see the vid directory on my old trusty desktop pc (XP). Bit scratched but £39! Haven't done much scoping, bit of a boring year for planets in my preferred direction.
  2. Interesting and thanks. Price seems to have plummeted, cheap enough to just have as an astro tool. T
  3. Hi I've been looking for one of these for ages. So thought I'd share it. A remote way of capturing / viewing live view from a canon, light portable and low cost. I found a Windows 10 tablet from Ebuyer for £39. Works great with EOS movie record and got Stellerium on it as well. Seems well made and has a grippy rubberised case. Getting 20 - 25 fps. Wifi, blue tooth and a sd card slot. A cheap solution for me. Tom
  4. Hi Cheers for that. I tiddled around for about an hour on registax, kind of trial by error approach. Will have another try tonight if it stays clear. Tom
  5. Hi Another attempt at the ISS. This time Canon 100d and 1200mm which actually is a 200 f4 with a 2x and 3x on it. Managed to bang off 50 frames when it was directly over head. What you get is a tiny little dot in the frame. (Currently given up trying to track it with the scope). Pipp to crop them all and then stack. First image is what I got from the stack of 50 drizzled at 3x, lots of CR which I got rid of by stretching the red away, then to B&W and play with registrax a lot. Result is second image. The lens is a very old M42 Pentacon 200mm but has very good optics, the teleconverter stack leaves a lot to be desired even for the £10 they cost me! So f24 1200mm @ 3200 ISO, 50 frames: half at 1/1000 half at 1/1600. I'm pretty pleased with the result. Please feel free to grab the png and play with the wavelets. Tom
  6. 3 years later ... it's stil in use and as good as new! Tom
  7. Hi. There's also free Canon remote and something called DLSR Controller for Androids. Now, what I really want is a budding Android programmer to produce an app that records the live view feed onto my HTC? That would be extremel very useful. Tom
  8. I found it easy. I made a laser colombmator myself but most of the time just use dust cap with a small hole in it to check. What seems to upset it is if you undo the rings and rotate the tube, other than that it stays set up well. Don't forget to let it cool if it's cold out side! And hope you get as much fun from it as I have. Tom
  9. Got it in one. Basically into anything that works on the kettle principle and is smelly and oily! Models or full size. Luv 5's and 8fs, (FX:yawn)... I understand! Keeps me busy when the skys cloudy! Attachment browser: d10_1.jpg by black5f - RC Groups Tom
  10. No probs, I was going to get a PL, but out of stock, glad I got the P, the PLs nearly 4ft long. P seems to cope with the mag needed for the planets and nice and wide and bright for fainter things. If I had the cash (and space!) I'd have a big long mak and a big reflector, on big goto mounts, but I don't. I don't even have a simple motor drive, just a wooden tripod, all hand guided. I am saving for a goto mount! This though is a single frame, unprocessed, un cropped with the SW 150P, 10mm EP and the 2x on a canon dlsr, conditions were very good but it's what you can get on a budget with a little patience. Jupiter | Flickr - Photo Sharing! Tom
  11. Hi, Some DLSR "snaps" on a 150P, hand guided, no motors, with a canon. Not fantastic but cheap! moon | Flickr - Photo Sharing! jupiter | Flickr - Photo Sharing! moon_2 | Flickr - Photo Sharing! Jupiter | Flickr - Photo Sharing!
  12. I have a 150P, very very pleased for what i want, not too big and very capable, lot of bang for the bucks. FLO I can recommend, friendly, quick, good price. etc. Good on the phone, lots of advice. For the planets you will use the 10mm plus 2x. These give very good eye viewing, don't get me wrong, perfectly good but you may want to gete a half decent contrasty 5mm to really bring the details out if viewing condition let you. The mirror will take it. Tom
  13. I have a 150P, think it's pretty awsome for the bucks! Got a Baader at Xmas that shows up the EPs but then it cost nearly as much as the whole SW package. Very satisfied with mine. Tom
  14. Stellarium a good start (free) and does all seeable satalites and is good for ISS. Stary night backyard costs but does very good inner and outer SS simulations.
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