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  1. Hello from another Lincolnshire stargazer!
  2. I am of the age where the Apollo moon landings coincided with my school days and I begged my Dad to buy me a telescope for Xmas one year and first view of the moon it just blew my socks off! Forward 40 years and my interest was re-awakened when I saw Jupiter through a 10 inch scope and WOW! WOW! WOW! I was just like that 10 year old kid again, only difference was that I had a cheque book and was able to buy myself a damn good telescope to make up for all those lost years!
  3. Like many others, work commitments and bad weather reduces the amount of time available for stargazing. I bought a new scope in September this year and have only had the chance to use it twice. The very cold nights we are having in the UK at the moment means I am tucked up in front of the fire at night and will wait for warmer temperatures before I venture out again!!
  4. Wheredayagoforthemincepies!!!!?? Oh..... welcome to SGL!
  5. Hello Really clear night here tonight (Lincoln UK) but too cold for me! I really respect those who brave the cold nights recently brrrrrr!
  6. Hello I am right eye dominant but have started to use binoviewers and I find them terrific! So much more comfortable and 'natural' also I feel that I can define more detail and spend longer viewing than with single eye. Buzz
  7. Hello Erwin from Lincolnshire! Speaking as an Agriculturalist I can honestly say that The Netherlands is one of the most interesting places I have ever visited. Assen for the World Superbikes was pretty cool too!
  8. Hello I have the 800 and it is a great scope. As others have said getting the 'goto' to goto takes a few efforts to set up (probably due to not following instructions to the letter in my case) but once sorted is a brilliant help for a new astronomer (me!). Good Luck!
  9. Hello from Lincolnshire! I did things the opposite way around, bought a telescope then some bino's because they were easier for a quick session!
  10. The first time I saw Jupiter with 4 moons was just a WOW!!! Like many others Saturn and the Moon are my main WOW objects but the list grows as you learn more about what you are looking at!
  11. Hello Andrew from a fellow 'Yellowbelly', you will find there are several of us from Lincolnshire on here. We also have an East Midlands section on SGL where you can find items discussed with a more local interest. We are also trying to set up a dark site for group observing in the county if you are interested.
  12. Neil, how spooky is that? I was born at a very early age too!!!
  13. Thanks for that Revs, you have taught me something! I was getting fed up with all the scrolling malarky!
  14. Hello from Lincoln! My wife's getting very interested in astronomy .......... not sure if that's a good thing?
  15. Hello Martin I got a new CPC800 GPS on Tuesday and have not had chance to use it yet so was quite interested in your first impressions and the replies from other users. The cloud situation looks promising for Saturday night here in Lincolnshire so, fingers crossed, I will get chance to use my CPC. I was lucky enough to get a set of William Optics Binoviewers following a post written by Brantuk (a fellow CPC 800 owner) so will let you know what I think to them also. Buzz
  16. Buzz Dark Night


    Hello and welcome from Lincoln!
  17. Sorry Dave, its my fault .......... my new 'scope arrived today! So thats it for a couple of weeks now! Buzz
  18. Hello from Billinghay! You will find a few of us 'yellowbellies' on here! Most of us are members of the East Midlands Section of SGL, take a look! There are several of us trying to find a 'dark skies' site in the Louth / Horncastle area to hold observing meets etc. If you are interested PM me or Cosmic Dave who is doing the lion's share of the organising and you will be more than welcome to join in. Buzz
  19. Hi Join up to the East Midlands section of SGL where a group of us organised by Cosmic Dave are setting up an observing group for us Lincs based types. We are searching for a suitable dark skies site somewhere Horncastle / Louth area where we can have star meets and such. PM me if you want more details. Buzz
  20. Hello from Billinghay just 'tother side of New York (the original one, not the johnny come lately one in the colonies!!) Buzz
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