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  1. Hello from another Lincolnshire stargazer!
  2. I am of the age where the Apollo moon landings coincided with my school days and I begged my Dad to buy me a telescope for Xmas one year and first view of the moon it just blew my socks off! Forward 40 years and my interest was re-awakened when I saw Jupiter through a 10 inch scope and WOW! WOW! WOW! I was just like that 10 year old kid again, only difference was that I had a cheque book and was able to buy myself a damn good telescope to make up for all those lost years!
  3. Like many others, work commitments and bad weather reduces the amount of time available for stargazing. I bought a new scope in September this year and have only had the chance to use it twice. The very cold nights we are having in the UK at the moment means I am tucked up in front of the fire at night and will wait for warmer temperatures before I venture out again!!
  4. Wheredayagoforthemincepies!!!!?? Oh..... welcome to SGL!
  5. Hello Really clear night here tonight (Lincoln UK) but too cold for me! I really respect those who brave the cold nights recently brrrrrr!
  6. Hello I am right eye dominant but have started to use binoviewers and I find them terrific! So much more comfortable and 'natural' also I feel that I can define more detail and spend longer viewing than with single eye. Buzz
  7. Hello Erwin from Lincolnshire! Speaking as an Agriculturalist I can honestly say that The Netherlands is one of the most interesting places I have ever visited. Assen for the World Superbikes was pretty cool too!
  8. Hello I have the 800 and it is a great scope. As others have said getting the 'goto' to goto takes a few efforts to set up (probably due to not following instructions to the letter in my case) but once sorted is a brilliant help for a new astronomer (me!). Good Luck!
  9. Hello from Lincolnshire! I did things the opposite way around, bought a telescope then some bino's because they were easier for a quick session!
  10. The first time I saw Jupiter with 4 moons was just a WOW!!! Like many others Saturn and the Moon are my main WOW objects but the list grows as you learn more about what you are looking at!
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