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  1. Hmm, never seen such a thing - nor the telescope mount that it would connect to. How odd ! I wonder if anyone else has ?
  2. Autofocus on a T-Ring, very odd, nay impossible !? - effectively converts your camera mount to a M42x0.75 thread. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/T-mount
  3. Btw, I do have telescopes as well, but they are primarily used for observing with the good old human eye.
  4. On the flip-side, I'd stronly recommend an Astrotrac (http://www.astrotrac.com/) and a DSLR (e.g. 550D with a couple of decent lenses, maybe second hand and a reasonable tripod and head. Results can be stunnning (http://www.astrotrac.com/Default.aspx?p=gallery) and I find it way easier and loads more portable than imaging through any of my scopes. Then if you find yourself hooked you can start to pick the specialist astro gear and cameras to take it to the next level ...
  5. markfftang

    Mark's Astrotrac Images

    Images taken using my Canon DSLRs mainly with an Astrotrac TT320X.
  6. I'd really recommend getting a decent battery pack. The Celestron Power Tanks are nice but pricey so I use one from Maplin. You can buy a car cigarette-lighter to scope power plug lead from 'Scope suppliers, or make one yourself if you are handy with a soldering iron. The unit I've got gives 2x 12V out, USB power socket and a 150W invertor. It also has a built in LED torch, handy for checking you've not left anything behind when packing up at your dark sites Cost about 40 quid, money well spent compared to D-Cells.
  7. We use Storm Cases for our professional microscope equipment. Originally they were made by Hardigg, but seem to have been bought out by Peli, but run as a cheaper range. We've travelled the world with these and they are super tough and very versatile. I have just got the SkyProdigy 130 so am going to be investigating which models might be suitable over the coming week, maybe staring to look at something like the iM3220.
  8. Just to clear up a point the Canon 70-200mm f/2.8 and 70-200mm f/4 L lenses are constant aperture across their zoom ranges; the first is just a stop brighter wide open than the second. And an extra stop of aperture will halve your exposure time (at the same ISO).
  9. May I ask what kind of mount and OTA you used for this ? Thanks
  10. So, whilst I was setting up my camera on my CG-5 for the first time, I picked a nice easy target to test things out before moving on to some deep sky. Just the moon, but still rather nice
  11. Oh, yes, I very much have ! Can't wait to have another go at this target, and already have a shortlist of the next 3 or 4 deep sky things I want to try ... !
  12. Thanks everyone, am quite pleased since "no 'telescope' was used in the making of this image" Each shot was 25" through a Canon 500mm f/4 at 1600 ISO. Histogram put the peak of the original images in the 2nd fifth from left: | |#| | | | This was quickly done off the JPEGs, but I have the RAWs too. Also, manual stacking is quite a pain, so going to try Deep Sky Stacker next ...
  13. Hi, So, I set up my second hand CG-5 at the weekend and pointed my 50D with 500mm lens at M31. Here's my very first attempt at imaging with a rough manual stack (in GIMP) of 7 images. A long way to go I know, but it's a start Cheers, Mark.
  14. Excuse my ignorance, but f I'm not using a scope at all and just mounting the camera on the 2 or 4 star aligned tracking mount, then where does the illuminated eyepiece come in ? Thanks again ...
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