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  1. I would be interested to see a couple of photos of the wheels/channel and also how you have locked the roof closed when not in use.
  2. Welcome to the forum from a former Northamptonian.
  3. I was apprehensive about cleaning my 12" dob mirror but took advice from here, got a gallon of distilled water and I think medical grade cotton wool and have no regrets and was very pleased with the results.
  4. The Yurts do have a small electric radiator and a power socket. There is also an electric fridge in the kitchen and power socket which I use for an electric cool box. I don't know what the actual output is though, I guess it depends on what you propose to run. I have noticed that the cleaner uses an electric vacuum cleaner when servicing the Yurts. I hope this helps. I understand that the Yurts will be closed from 14 Feb for a couple of weeks or so when they propose to dismantle them for cleaning etc for the new season.
  5. The further away from the central area the better. The Yurts are well away and as the weather improves some of the grass pitches are available where you are well away from the lighting. There is nothing to stop you from taking your equipment outside the camping area as all the surrounding land is Fforest Fields.
  6. We have just spent 3 nights at Fforest Fields, in a Yurt. The night skies were the darkest I have ever seen. The night time temperatures were around -6 and skies incredible! Log burner in the Yurt was more than adequate. There is virtually no light pollution and the site is open all year. Well worth visiting.
  7. Chris Could you give more info on the mount as I am after one at the moment. Many thanks Richard
  8. Just returned from a short break in Prague. We visited the observatory which is open most nights for a couple of hours. It can be reached various ways but the most spectacular is via a funicular railway. As we approached the observatory a shooting star passed overhead, quite stunning. There are 3 domes, 2 of which are open to the public. In the first dome I was able to observe a double star, but with the language differences I wasn't really sure what I was looking at. However from the central dome, it was initially aligned to "epsilon lyra", initially observing it as a double star then at higher magnification the double double and fifth element. If any one ever visits Prague then this is a must. There are some fantastic displays including meteorites, including a sample of one brought back from the moon. The evenings are run by a mix of local amateurs and students from Charles University. It has certainly given me a good introduction to double stars.
  9. We have visited Fforest Fields a few times this year. If you avoid bank and school holidays you shouldn't have a problem choosing a pitch on the periphery. If you don't require an electric hookup then you can virtually choose where you need to be. As stated it is a really good location and I believe it can be accessed through out the year. It is worth noting that a little south of here, about 20 minutes south of Talgarth at Cwm du is a caravan/camping site that twice a year has a weekend for astronomers only. All lights are turned off or covered over. (We saw a recent meteor shower from here in the summer).
  10. Ruud, had a quick look at this, very interesting, think I will order some items from here then house them in a "flight case". Thanks very much.
  11. Thanks for the quick reply, I'll follow the thread now.
  12. I recently purchased a couple of new eyepieces and I have been searching for some type of container to store them in similar to bolt boxes - that don't seem to be around or I am not looking in the right places. Could also do with giving my filters a new place to be stored. I would like to know how others store theirs.
  13. My 12" dob is about 9 years old and hadn't been cleaned. The mirror was quite grotty, worse than your headlamps get when they have gritted on the motorway! After searching google and youtube at the experiences of others I decided to have a go. Bought BP cotton wool and a gallon of distilled water. Took it apart and got stuck in. To be honest I dont think I noticed any difference. Putting it back together and collimating it from scratch was a bigger challenge. What I did find was that the cheap laser collimator I was using was out of collimation. Once I had collimated my collimator and adjusted the scope things were definately better. Looking at the primary with all its dust probably makes you feel you have to clean it, but if I had known that for me it made no difference, I wouldn't have bothered. Keeping it in adjustment for me is far more beneficial, but these are my own opinions and may not be shared by others. (Many folk are for cleaning the mirrors but many are against it).
  14. I've had great satisfaction from mine, sure you wont be dissappointed. In fact I have only used the 12" for the last year or so.
  15. It seems that you all seem sorted. However I have drawn up setting circles for both of my dobs using autocad. They have been drawn anti clockwise as they are mounted on the top plate. With the 8" I plotted it on paper and put sticky back plastic on either side. However this didn't lay too flat and I wasn't really happy with it. I had a rethink for the 12" and had it printed on adhesive plastic/vinyl - the sort you see on the wheel covers of 4x4's. This worked great. If anyone is still after an anticlockwis setting circle I can send a copy as a pdf, dxf or dwg format. The degree divisions could have done with being a little wider, and I will do this or I could probably scale it to other sizes if required.
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