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  1. Hi all! Not posted for a while (I've been too busy stroking my scope and bumbling around in the garden, gasping at each new star I find), but I think I need to take my observing a up a level. I have a SkyWatcher Explorer 200p EQ5, and so far I have had great fun doing exactly as I stated above, bumbling. I see something with the naked eye, I point at it etc, you know how it goes. But now I want to start finding the Messier objects and making logs and records etc (yup, full blown geek fest going on over here) but I have difficulty with a few of the basics, can you offer me any advice? I have a hard time aligning my finderscope with the scope itself. I have ordered a red dot finder, will this help (maybe I should have asked this 10 mins ago, before I ordered from FLO!)? Any tips to using it? I don't know the technical term off the top of my head, but how do you get an accurate alignment with Polaris? (collomination?) Following on from 2, how do I transfer the ref from Stellarium (for say m31) to my scope? This may seem self explanetry, but for some reason those dials and wheels give me a mental mind melt;) I took all your advice from when I was an absolute beginner, using the naked eye, getting used to the constellations, getting stellarium, PATIENCE and they gave me a really solid base to work from, so thank you and any advice you have re the above I am sure will help me tremendously, thank you in advance! Dan P.S. I have also just ordered a 32mm Plossl eyepiece for DSO's, will this be ok?
  2. Hey, As an absolute beginner I couldn't possibly comment on whats gone wrong, But last night I managed to see Jupiter and 2 moons with my finderscope (it cleared up for around 10mins, shot outside and got a cheeky squint in, no time to set the scope), which looked like a star with two much tinier stars around it (apologies if this ISN't Jupiter, but it seemed to match up with Stellarium). So surely you should be able to get a far better view with your scope? But like I said, I'm a newbie Dan
  3. Your all bleeding great! Thank you everyone for all your help. My God! I'm an astronomer! Dan
  4. Hi all, Yeah, some top suggestions here! Very, very useful, thanks everyone! Dan
  5. Hi Oakwell, I've just started out on this path, and I'll probably have similar "success" for a while. It's not really close, but I am in Huddersfield, and there is a good club here with a proper observatory and everything, that run classes on a Wed evening. I was thinking of going myself at some point. I know there is a train direct, but hefting your equipment might be a pain. Here's the link though: Huddersield Astronomical Society HAPS, Astronomy club West Yorkshire Hope it may help. Dan
  6. Hi all! Just got my first scope, now I'm waiting for the rain and cloud to clear so I can start my first observation (well, try my first observation, to be honest the dials and what not are a touch intimidating!). So in the mean time, to be of help to both myself and the other green astronomers, I thought I'd pose you the title question: "If you could give a beginner one piece of advice it would be......" Everyone has been a beginner and I think it would be interesting to see what the more experienced heads come up with, whether it is sage advice, equipment care or technical know how, it would all be useful! Over to you! Dan
  7. Ahhhhhh....... My scope is here!! Now all I need are clear skies and we're away! Gotta go, lots of building and stroking of scopes to do. Dan
  8. Ha! Yeah, shocking isn't it! Shocking and typical. Never mind, it'll probably take me 7 days to set it up anyway! On the plus side, it gives you guys a week to prepare for the flood of questions...... Mua ha ha ha ha! Seriously though, thank you so much for your help people (and I must also mention Martin at FLO who talked me through my scope this morning and patiently answered my questions, top, top service), Just from this thread alone I believe I am hooked. Cheers! Dan
  9. Magic! Found both those books for under fiver on ebay, a good investment me thinks, cheers! FLO tell me my scope will arrive tomorrow. Prepare yourselves........... Dan
  10. Hey all, thanks a lot for your help I've downloaded all your suggestions (though obviously not all the tri-atlas, hell I scarcely understand it at the mo) and placed an order with FLO for the 200p on the EQ5. To be fair its a confusing hobby to get into equipment wise, there is just so much stuff available that I wouldn't have made a great choice on my own, so thank you, you helped create one more astronomer in the world! Dan
  11. Thanks! Seems the Explorer is the one! I will also download that software, sounds good! Thank you for the link too, thats pretty cheap compared to skiesnscopes. I will give them a ring tomorrow after a little more research! I must admit, the prospect of "finding" objects appeals to me as much (maybe more) as the actual viewing, so a Goto is pretty irrelevent at the moment. Good advice, thank you so much. Hopefully my next posts will be full of wonder, though I get the feeling they will be yet more advice seeking questions. Thank you! Dan
  12. Hi all! Yup, it's time for that age old question "What is the best scope for me?", once again! I am, as you have guessed, an utter beginner with a scope but after much reading of beginners literature and websites (great site btw, lots of cracking info, really found jahmasons link for beginners very useful), as well as scouring the sky by naked eye, I find my self in the enviiable position of my better half offering to buy a scope up to the value of £400! Amazing! But now I find myself in a quandry. Do I choose a scope with a "GoTo" system so the little computer finds all the things I want to see? Do I jump straight in and get a 8" Dobsonion, or something else entirely? Decisions, decisions........ If you can help me decide, your advice, experiences, random info would be incredibly useful. Here's some info about what I want and my situation: I have £400 I live in Huddersfield, West Yorkshire (not the clearest of skies, but on the cusp of the Peak District) I want to view planets, nebula and other deep space objects. I think fun is in the learning, i.e. I have patience I wish to use my Digital SLR to get involved with astrophotography We have a car so can transport fairly easily Any other info you might need just ask! After researching scopes I came up with these: SkyMax 127 SynScanTM AZ GOTO 127mm Maksutov-Cassegrain - £360 EXPLORER-200 (EQ5) 200mm (8") f/1000 Parabolic Newtonian Reflector - £390 Meade 8" Lightbridge Dobsonian telescope - £380 So far I am leaning to the Lightbridge, but not being knowledgeable enough, I turn to you........ Thanks for taking the time, I appreciate it! Dan
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