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  1. Hi all, Well after an absence of 3 years due to work commitments. I'm now getting back into astronomy. I have a Meade 12" Classic on a Milburn wedge on a pier in my observatory. Unfortunately I turned the scope on the other day to see what the damage of it sitting unused had done. Completely dead I replaced the 18v psu and now when I turn on the scope it tries to kill the psu - obviously a short somewhere. I'm taking it apart over the weekend to see if I can sort it - I'm a time served electronics engineer, so I know what I'm looking at My question is - if the electronics are dead, what are my options? I was thinking about removing the OTA and replacing the mount. I always used my Meade as a guide scope with a 80mm APO scope piggybacked for imaging. All I can seem to find is what mount not to use if I was imaging through the Meade, but as I'm only guiding - I'm a bit stuck. I like the look of the new Meade LX80 multi-mount, but I cant seem to find a pier mount adaptor for it. The only other option I can think of at the moment is selling the lot and giving up. I don't really want to do this as I've got about 14 years worth of equipment sitting around!! Any advice would be appreciated. Many thanks in advance. Iain
  2. Sounds exactly what I want. The telephoto lens arrived today, but the camera wont be here till tomorow I already have a modified Canon 350d, but wanted to get back into wildlife photography. Many thanks Iain
  3. Did you manage to find a remote for your D50? I have just bought one and awaiting delivery. Iain
  4. I had the same problem - the 300d is only usb 1.1. I got around it by just telling dslr focus to save the images to the camera only - grab a 4Gb CF card. If you use a fairly new card reader on your pc/laptop it will read at usb 2.0 speeds - as long as your pc/laptop has usb 2.0 ports. Iain
  5. Hi Bowie and welcome to the forum. I`m just up the road from you in Scunthorpe.
  6. On the first screen for your web cam settings - gamma, exposure etc - there is a tick box for "full auto" - take the tick out
  7. Congrats - thats a nice image. :hello1: :hello1:
  8. I use Imageplus to process all my cr2 files. Other than that, you should have a imageviewer on your canon driver cd, install this and convert the files to tiff. Iain
  9. Congrats Steve - lucky begger. Questions is - what has she ordered for herself?
  10. Hi, I havent got any pics of M101 myself. I have this website bookmarked for "whats possible" - http://home.arcor.de/ralph.mcintosh/html/m101.html - done with a modified 300d. Hope this helps. Iain
  11. Searching around the net the other night (clouds outside, and getting beat on xbox live) I came across this nice sat tracking website. http://www.n2yo.com Iain
  12. Hi and welcome to the forum. Where abouts in the NW are you? I originally come from Cumbria, but now live in Lincolnshire. Iain
  13. Only ever had 1 problem with scopestuff - turned out my mail filter was blocking the emails from them :? Other than that, ordered quite a lot of kit and never a problem.
  14. The main difference between a DSI and a DSI PRO is that the DSI is colour and the PRO is monochrome. I have used both of these and the sensitivty of the PRO makes it a much better camera. Both the DSI and DSI PRO have been updated and are now at version 3. The main problem with the dsi range of cameras is that you have to make sure your dark frames are perfect, otherwise the images you capture will not be too good. If you are starting out i would look elsewhere are these are not very friendly cameras to use. Why not grab a DSLR? Iain
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