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  1. I too had the exact same problem when I got my CG5. I believe it's down to the USB-Serial lead (mines a prolific chipset by the way). So I ended up plugging it into my older PC that does have a proper serial connection, and it worked first time. Maybe a different USB-serial lead, such as the FTDI version, might work. Someone else would have to confirm that though as I don't have anything other than the prolifics.
  2. Having just received an order from Green Witch I thought I should let you know that Lee is a very nice man, a very, very nice man. I placed an order with them on Wednesday morning(4th May) for a Baader ACF 2 filter to mod my 350D. Later that same day I also had an email letting me know the item was in the post. Marvellous, I thought, it'll be here tomorrow, and proceeded to strip down my camera in preparation. I know, I know, bad idea. Thursday duly arrived and so did the postman. Sadly the only thing I got was the price of a pizza and an offer on double glazing. Not a problem...maybe Lee had
  3. I've just received another order from FLO and thought it time I thanked them. The first order I placed, for the 200P, just happened to be out of stock at the time. But, rather than give me a load of codswallop, as some suppliers might do (I won't name anyone), they told me exactly what was happening. In fact, in the email I received, it could have been a word for word transcription they'd had with the supplier. I was told when it would be sent out, directly from the supplier, and when to expect it. And sure enough, it did. Ever since that day it's been a company I can trust. And I mean really
  4. After having read this thread and putting my reply I went to look and see if I had a picture of my old 'scope. I only had a picture I took when I sold it, so that will have to do. Since doing that I notice that James has added the very same things I was going to say. Namely that the finder is hopeless. It really is. I stuck a Telrad on mine too. It's one of the best things I did at the time. Should you decide to stick with the Celestron, there are a number of things you can try to stop that wobble. I think there's even some posts about it on SGL somewhere. One was to adjust the nut in RA axis.
  5. I too used to own one of these 'scopes but I did exactly as Scogyrd did and put the motor drive back in the box. It did interfere with the slow motion controls. In fact, it was everywhere I didn't want it to be. I even tried swapping it to the other side and nothing worked. It would always crash into something I wanted to look at. Not only that, but the little tiny pot used to adjust the speed was a bit of a faff to get right, but that's probably just me. If memory serves me right (and at my age it probably doesn't) the 130EQ does have a parabolic mirror, as does the 76EQ. I believe it's the 1
  6. Fascinating stuff. Cheers for the links
  7. Hmm...interesting. I'm in a similar situation. I ordered an Explorer 200P OTA last Saturday and FLO told me it was out of stock when I emailed them later in the week. Not a problem though as I was told they'd been in touch with the importer and that it would be sent out on Thursday to arrive the next day. It still isn't here. I do hope OVL aren't having problems, although I'm sure FLO will get to the bottom of it.
  8. Taking your laptop out with you will certainly help. When I first took out my CG5 mount it would ask for a star I didn't know. A quick look on Stellarium not only told me where it was (just in case it was blocked by a building or a tree) but also helped to visualise what I would see through the scope to make sure I aligned on the correct star.
  9. There are 3 black screws located in the same place as the collimation adjustment screws. Undo those 3 and the primary mirror will fall out if you let it, so be careful. The primary mirror and it's holder will all come out as one piece. I hope that's of some help.
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    Hello all

    Hello and welcome to SGL
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    Hello and welcome to SGL
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    Hello to all

    Hello and welcome to SGL
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    Hello and welcome to SGL
  14. Hello and welcome to SGL
  15. Hello and welcome to SGL
  16. Hi everyone. I thought it about time I made my introduction after reading this forum for a while. Astronomy has been one of those things I said I'd get round to. I had a bit of spare cash and found a Celestron 130EQ on a CG3 going quite cheap on the Marketplace, so decided to buy it. I'm glad I did as it's been been great so far looking at all these new objects. Jupiter and some of the DSO's come to mind. Already I find myself wanting a larger scope and a better mount (I see that's usual on here) so every penny is being saved up for that day, or should I say night?? Although I think I need to
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    Hello and welcome to SGL from York
  18. Hello and welcome to SGL
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