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  1. I too had the exact same problem when I got my CG5. I believe it's down to the USB-Serial lead (mines a prolific chipset by the way). So I ended up plugging it into my older PC that does have a proper serial connection, and it worked first time. Maybe a different USB-serial lead, such as the FTDI version, might work. Someone else would have to confirm that though as I don't have anything other than the prolifics.
  2. Having just received an order from Green Witch I thought I should let you know that Lee is a very nice man, a very, very nice man. I placed an order with them on Wednesday morning(4th May) for a Baader ACF 2 filter to mod my 350D. Later that same day I also had an email letting me know the item was in the post. Marvellous, I thought, it'll be here tomorrow, and proceeded to strip down my camera in preparation. I know, I know, bad idea. Thursday duly arrived and so did the postman. Sadly the only thing I got was the price of a pizza and an offer on double glazing. Not a problem...maybe Lee had missed the last post. And my camera was safe, even if it was in bits. It'll be here tomorrow. Well, Friday came, and went. As did Saturday. By this time I was a bit annoyed. Not by Green Witch I might add, just the Royal Fail. So, being very impatient, I sent an email to Lee on Saturday afternoon to find out how it was sent and when. I didn't expect a reply over the weekend (who would?). Yet on Sunday, yes Sunday, I had a reply to let me know everything I'd asked about and that he would check to make sure on Monday when he got back to work. Today is Monday (9th in case you're wondering). Did he reply? Absolutely. Concerned at where my item was. And within 10 minutes of the reply, who should turn up? Yep, that's right. My 350D is now double glazed (and the pizza was nice too). Oh wait. Baader glazed (it will be when I put it back together). I quickly fired off an email to Lee to let him know I had it in my impatient hands. No sooner had I done that when I got another reply asking me to let him know how it goes with the fitting and the results. Which I'll do not just for Lee but SGL too if I get a chance (I might need some help with reviews FLO, hint hint, lol (just make sure to order a van to get it back haha)) I know this was a long winded review of one company, but I also wanted to explain the process we sometimes have to go through to get our ordered items. Green Witch - Service - 10/10 Royal Fail - Service - Pffft!
  3. After having read this thread and putting my reply I went to look and see if I had a picture of my old 'scope. I only had a picture I took when I sold it, so that will have to do. Since doing that I notice that James has added the very same things I was going to say. Namely that the finder is hopeless. It really is. I stuck a Telrad on mine too. It's one of the best things I did at the time. Should you decide to stick with the Celestron, there are a number of things you can try to stop that wobble. I think there's even some posts about it on SGL somewhere. One was to adjust the nut in RA axis. Not so tight that you can't move it or so loose that it moves up and down. The other was to add washers to the legs. Just a single washer in my case. To keep the legs from swaying left to right. The Celestron is a really nice scope. But I'd still choose the Skywatcher this time round. Anyway, I'll leave you with a picture. I couldn't find one from the motor side so this'll have to do. All the best, Niall PS I've never seen an otter
  4. I too used to own one of these 'scopes but I did exactly as Scogyrd did and put the motor drive back in the box. It did interfere with the slow motion controls. In fact, it was everywhere I didn't want it to be. I even tried swapping it to the other side and nothing worked. It would always crash into something I wanted to look at. Not only that, but the little tiny pot used to adjust the speed was a bit of a faff to get right, but that's probably just me. If memory serves me right (and at my age it probably doesn't) the 130EQ does have a parabolic mirror, as does the 76EQ. I believe it's the 114EQ that has the spherical mirror and barlow arrangement (sorry Rowan). Saying all that, if I was to start again from scratch, knowing nothing as I did, then I would have gone with Rowans choice of a Skywatcher. Why? For no real reason really unless you decide to upgrade parts of the scope such as the focuser. Bear in mind that I didn't own an Explorer 130P so I can only give you my view on the Celestron scope. Both of which will give you great views, I'm sure. Mine did. Will it be any good for astrophotography? With a dslr and everything involved with that, no. The view wobbles just from visual as the mount isn't good enough. What about with a webcam? Absolutely. Even if you manually track an object you can get good results. Anyway, that's just my opinion. Others will have differing views. It is a nice 'scope and it's what got me started. All the best, Niall
  5. Fascinating stuff. Cheers for the links
  6. Hmm...interesting. I'm in a similar situation. I ordered an Explorer 200P OTA last Saturday and FLO told me it was out of stock when I emailed them later in the week. Not a problem though as I was told they'd been in touch with the importer and that it would be sent out on Thursday to arrive the next day. It still isn't here. I do hope OVL aren't having problems, although I'm sure FLO will get to the bottom of it.
  7. Taking your laptop out with you will certainly help. When I first took out my CG5 mount it would ask for a star I didn't know. A quick look on Stellarium not only told me where it was (just in case it was blocked by a building or a tree) but also helped to visualise what I would see through the scope to make sure I aligned on the correct star.
  8. There are 3 black screws located in the same place as the collimation adjustment screws. Undo those 3 and the primary mirror will fall out if you let it, so be careful. The primary mirror and it's holder will all come out as one piece. I hope that's of some help.
  9. Hello and welcome to SGL
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    Hello and welcome to SGL
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    Hello and welcome to SGL
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    Hello and welcome to SGL
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    Hello and welcome to SGL
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