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  1. Migh be a stupid Question but will I he able to see it cause ts day light:iamwithstupid:
  2. Think thts earlier in the day thou not at night not positive thou
  3. i got one, it was me that bought the 6mm from CGolder Thanks all for your help
  4. Buying lenses is hard lol, didnt know they are so many things i have to take in to account like what age i am for pupil dilation . Well i am 23 so quite good eyesight and do not wear glasses, my gazing buddy does , but he will just have to settle for the lenses we have. The lense i want is for seeing the objects bigger like i stated earlier, since jupiter is really small with the lens i have. And as suggested 7mm-6mm so the 6.2mm should be ok and i have no idea what a possel is lol. im a newbie
  5. I have a Skywatcher Skyliner 150P Dobsonian, i want better mag like for things to be bigger, i think i got a 10mm one with the scope
  6. I have a Skywatcher Skyliner 150P Dobsonian, i want better mag like for things to be bigger, i think i got a 10mm one with the scope
  7. Hi i am wanting a new lense for better magnification, but really i have no idea what i am looking for is this one right (in the link) Skywatcher - Skywatcher SP Plossl eyepieces if so can you tell me if its good or if its the wrong thing can you point me towards the correct one
  8. Uranus visible with the naked eye? ive been trying to find uranus ive tried to the right of jupiter and up slightly,but nothing so was wondering if it is even slightly visible so i can have some sort of point of reference
  9. How do i know what star is what object (planet etc) People have suggested different programs to use so you know where the object is roughly but when i point the scope i could be looking at anything is there a way of knowing where the objects are or is it just through experience that i will learn, cause all ive seen is jupiter for the past 3 weeks and its cause its the easiest to find, but getting a bit boring lookin at the same thing lol
  10. I was really hoping it was not needed to be collimated I am flighty scared to try fix it in case I make it a lot worse
  11. HI I live just outside of Glasgow in east kilbride
  12. I wonder what I am doing wrong , I don't think o am using a Barlow could that be why? I wish I new someone that knew about all this stuff so they can fix my scope for me
  13. Hi all, can soome one tell me, what is a barlow
  14. like if you look at any star with the naked eye its like a silver shiny colour thats the way jupiter is when i look through the scope
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