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  1. Fyi. For the brave amongst you. Pitch 108 will have the green fairy available to keep you warm during the cold nights
  2. Had a practice pitch with my new tent. Spacious doesn’t quite do it justice....
  3. SGL is only 3 and a half weeks away. So why is this thread so quiet? Come on chaps and chapettes let's start the usual build up excitement! I've even bought a new tent for the occasion. A monster of a bell tent. Party at mine Friday night.
  4. I think I'll just relaunch the Sixpenny Handley star party for spring instead of autumn. I was put off doing so when there was talk of two SGL's
  5. What about the spring event? Is that not now happening?
  6. Hi Paul, I use one of those rigid leather flight cases for mine. OTA fits in the bottom with a little bubble wrap then I can get the ALT-AZ head, diagonal, RDF, handset... In fact everything else but the tripod into the bag too. Ideal.
  7. Pity more of you couldn't make it. Annoyingly this was the best year for weather we've ever had. 4 excellent nights, 1 very good night and only two nights that were not so (still decent for visual though). And only an hour of rain all week. Definite proof that scopes attract the wet stuff. Next year I will be moving the event to the spring now that the SGL event has moved. I can't attend both events so close together and I like having the two breaks spread across the year. Dates and details will be issued in the new year.
  8. Got here yesterday and was greeted by warm sun all day followed by an amazingly clear sky all night. Plenty of space available if anyone was thinking of a last minute trip. Mark....
  9. Excellent. It may be the most exclusive year yet!
  10. Hi All, Running very late this year for organising the micro star party at Sixpenny Handley, near Salisbury. The dates for this years even at 2nd to the 9th October. As with other years it's a very relaxed and laid back (if not horizontal) affair and all are welcome. Book direct with the site on 01725 552563, ask for Steve. www.churchfarmcandcpark.co.uk Drop me a pm if you're wanting to come so I have an idea of numbers. Cheers....MARK
  11. AstroGnome


  12. AstroGnome


    From the album: SGL-11

    RGB (lots of subs of each) plus darks and flats. Guided.
  13. AstroGnome

    Bubble Nebula

    From the album: SGL-11

    LRGB guided
  14. AstroGnome

    Bubble Nebula

    From the album: SGL-11

    LRGB (x5 subs of each) plus darks and flats. Guided.
  15. AstroGnome

    SGL XI Chit Chat

    Bringing Somerset Cider to Herefordshire! Brave man Quick M51 from last night...
  16. AstroGnome

    SGL XI Chit Chat

    Rocked up at lunchtime. Spotted the burger van (hi itch). Then managed to snap a tent pole in a well timed gust of wind :-( bit of gaffer should see me through though. Beer unpacked, curry for tea :-) who's due tomorrow?
  17. Just to update you. The meeting went well. it included an outreach presentation by the local astronomical society to locals (including 30 scouts). I'm keeping in touch with the people involved and will keep you updated with any progress. It should also help promote the start party to a wider audience so our attendances may well go up in the future Which will be nice.
  18. Hi All, FYI On Monday (9th) night at 7:30 there is a meeting being held at the Church Farm Campsite in the village of Sixpenny Handley, Where I organise the autumn star party. The AONB of Cranbourne Chase and West Wiltshire are trying to get dark sky status for the area. Those of you who have ever attend this site know the skies can be excellent and worth protecting. I hope to be attending the meeting to offer my support on behalf of the observers who have used the site in the past. If any other local members are interested please pop along to lend your voice. Cheers MARK....
  19. Thanks to those very select people who attended this year. Weather wise it was one of the best we've had. Several very good nights. It was a bit nippy but we only 20 minutes of rain in the whole week. very different from last years hurricane conditions. I'll post next years dates sometime after SGL XI. Bye....
  20. Finally got here just as the sun was setting. Beautiful sunset. Tent up, bed ready, beans for dinner. Let the holiday begin....
  21. Very close now. Plenty of room for last minute bookings. Been super busy at work recently and the misses delivered a baby girl last week, so not had much time to get ready. It'll be a mad dash on Saturday to get the kit out and checked and packed and buy food and do the washing and... you get the idea. Hope to be on site late Sunday afternoon. Reeealy need the break!
  22. Great news you two can make it Kes, wouldn't be the same without you. You too Vince
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