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  1. I have a reputation for booking events around the full moon.
  2. I've had it confirmed that the dates available are 2nd to 9th August.
  3. A few more details.... It's at: The west Midlands Show Ground, Berwick Road, Shrewsbury, Shropshire It's quite close to the town, but apparently in a dip and away from immediate street lights. I've enquired about the exact dates and will post those when I hear back.
  4. Hi All, I hope you are all keeping as well as can be during the difficult events of recent months. An opportunity has come my way to secure several pitches on a campsite in Shrewsbury in August. The site is open, has social distancing in place and is willing to accommodate campers (tent, caravan and campervan). 7 nights for £91 including electric hookups. May not be the best time or location for any serious astronomy but could just be a good opportunity to do some well overdue socialising (safely of course). Anyone interested? Let me know and I'll get things rolling
  5. Hang it. I'm going to Six Penny Handly, Anyone want to join me?
  6. Any option for a back up site? I know it's short notice but worth a try. Woodside country Park (near ledbury) has the space and good skies. Worth a ring? 01531 670269
  7. Say it ain't so! I'm going to go somewhere anyway, I NEED A HOLIDAY!!!!!
  8. Booked! Looking forward to it, hopefully without the risk of being washed down the river this year.
  9. Halloween and bonfire night during a star party! Could add an extra dimension.
  10. Nice shots. I had the disadvantage of being on a ship, which was moving ?. So these are best I managed.
  11. Out again tonight. These are just what I've captured on the phone. I'll post the DSLR pics when I get back.
  12. We are indeed, on the Nordlys. Very impressed so far.
  13. On holiday in Norway. Just got here (Bergen) and grabbed this on my phone...
  14. Took a pic just now... Some astronomy might finally be happening.
  15. Not to panic, we're heading for the pub in half an hour. And I think it might be clearing up a bit.... Ever the optimist
  16. The sky last night was superb. My night was only cut short due to moisture and a little coating of frost on everything, including me. Bring your thermals it's due to get cooler at the weekend.
  17. It's actually been quite kind today. Raining in Bristol when I left but it was dry here while I set up. Bit of drizzle now though. Been quite mild and not windy. Forecast is mixed and changing regularly. I'll keep you all posted if you like. Man in the field (literally) better than any forecast. Think it's beans time. Maybe with a full bodied red.
  18. Well. I'm here. Where are the rest of you .
  19. There are plenty of electric hook ups (not on every pitch though so make sure to ask for one when you book) and the toilets are quite nice. I'm quite looking forward to it. Been there so often now it's a bit like a home from home.
  20. Booked and booked. Extended stay for the week. Looking forward to the belly pork at Hanlegas (and Wednesday night is steak night!). And a pint with John at the pub.
  21. I'll be there. Thanks Grant saved me a job this year.
  22. Just to add my twopence worth. Rough draft of M31 from the Friday night (best shot I've got of it so far. Many subs of RGB, etc)). And for those that weren't still there for the tail end of storm Ophelia, the big top performed admirably. No clowns died.
  23. I've got an ST80 OTA (plus eq1) that's gathering dust. If anyone's interested I'll pop it in the van.
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