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  1. Thanks John. I almost bought the UWAN but changed my mind at the last minute. With the current Telescope House Bank Holiday discount it wasn't quite as much as £100 difference but the UWAN would still have represented a decent saving. However I have always rated the Televue equipment I have owned in the past so I guess in the end I went with what I knew. Plus the Naglers appear to hold their value quite well.


  2. Hi Everyone,

    Up until recently the planets have been my main target for visual observing and because of this I have never really worried much about a large field of view as I use a driven mount. Lately I have started to appreciate viewing objects outside of the solar system through my 18mm ortho which I initially bought for viewing the full lunar disc. I have found that I really enjoy looking at objects in context and this has got me thinking about purchasing an eyepiece with a larger AFOV.

    The 19mm Panoptic has been at the top of my list for a while but I am now thinking about the 16mm Nagler and maybe the 24mm Panoptic at a later date. My aim is to own only a few eyepieces (honest) and I already own the 3-6mm Nagler Zoom which takes care of my high magnification requirements. I have had no problem with using eyepieces with tight eye relief (10mm and less but only with up to a 52 degree AFOV) and I don't really want to step up to the 2" eyepiece format. I observe from a fairly light polluted site. As I have already mentioned most of my visual experience relates to high magnification observing so I am new to the whole wide field concept. My telescope is a 100m f/8 refractor.

    Any advice would be gratefully received, especially from those of you with a similar setup.



  3. Hi Everyone,

    My name is Al and I'm from Kent. I have been interested in astronomy for about ten years and am currently recovering from a severe case of astrophotography. Seriously, my hat is off to those of you that take such beautiful pictures of the night sky. Lets just say that tools such as CCDInspector brought out the worst in my obsessive nature, and never has so much time been spent on the creation of so few images.

    No computer will ever be connected to my telescope again. Ever.

    I look forward to being a member of the forum.

    Best wishes


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