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  1. Have an Astromaster 130 EQ . Tried looking at Jupiter and Saturn. Here are the pieces that have been used: 1. 20mm and 10 mm eyepiece (original) 2. 2X and 3X barlow (bought separately) 3. 16 mm and 32 mm plossol. Tried various combinations to get a better view of Jupiter and Saturn. Get same views no matter what, details lacking in all of them. Cannot see Jupiter Bands OR the GRS (know this is not always visible) Can see Jupiter and its moons. Jupiter appears as a bright round with no details. Saturn can see : tiny with rings but there is a light distortion. Any suggestions on how to get better views? We can see the moon clearly with the 20mm and 10mm eyepiece. Hoping for clearer skies , Thanks All!
  2. As suggested bought a 2x barlow and a 32mm plossol eyepiece. Saturn was clear but we did not get as clear a picture of Jupiter. How good are the views supposed to be. We saw jupiter and moon but no Red dot or even the lines. Which other eyepiece should we buy? Thanks!
  3. Totally agree. Great images. Thanks for posting
  4. Which barlow and eyepiece should we buy for getiing good images?
  5. Yes I am using the 20mm and 10 mm eyepiece. Tried both but hoping for more details and there seems to be a light distortion. Thanks!
  6. Thanks. Somewhat I will take a picture and post so you can confirm
  7. Hi, We were able to set up finderscope and see the moon clearly. However when we try to see Jupiter OR Saturn we are seeing a black dot when we try to see more details. It looks like a shadow on the image. A black spot with spider vanes. i think our scope is collimated correctly as i can see the moon clearly. Any suggestions. Thanks
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