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  1. I had read that the Orion Shorty Plus barlow was considered to be the same whilst I was searching for info but I couldn't decide if it was true or not, so is it really?...has anyone tested them side by side? Will the TMB 15 mm Eyepoiece compare well to the TS?
  2. Thanks guys, I was leaning towards the TS 15mm and I also felt long term it would makes sense going for the Ultima barlow, but as a newbie I wasn't sure. Thanks for you help
  3. Guys can you help with my choice of eyepiece please. I have now narrowed my choice down for my Nexstar 4Se to a 15mm so I can get the benefits from a 2 x barlow: William Optic swan 15mm 70 fov £59 TS Planetary HR 15mm 60 fov £49 Or Celestron X-Cel 18mm 55 fov £59 And finally, would I see a benefit in spending £89 on a Celestron Ultima 2X Barlow as opposed to £35 on something like a TAL 2X Barlow, would there be much noticable difference?
  4. I have it sorted now and he has refunded the extra money, but thank you for the offer. Had I been able to veiw the 'for sale' section I would have much prefered to have bought from a forum member, but as I can not view it until I've made a lot more posts, I missed out on yours then ;-(
  5. Wow, that's very good of you, thank you, I would apprecaite those. I was also looking at the GSO Super Plossl eyepieces as they seem to be available for around £35 each, would I notice a difference between those and a £59 X-Cel Celestron one in my Nexstart 4Se?
  6. What's opinions on this set? ....seems to be good value? Antares 1.25 inch Eyepiece and Filter Kit | Telescope Accessories | Rother Valley Optics
  7. really, so I have got a good deal then? :-) I am looking at maybe a TAL 2 x barlow and I was thinking maybe a 20mm and a 15mm or something similar?
  8. Hi, yes I was looking at the Baader Hyperion Zoom and did wonder if it was worth the price compared to the Meade 4000 series 8-24mm I was looking at? The seller has agreed to refund me a further £35 so at £245 I think it's an ok deal at that even though I have to buy an EP as it is as new and all boxed with instructions, software, cables etc etc
  9. No I paid £280 as the cheapest I could find was £350 so I thought it was a good deal as it was 'as new'!!
  10. Hi, thank for the info. And yes it came, but the 25mm eyepiece isnt there, it has a blumming 4mm one, so can't see anything or get it to focus at all on anything!! Also the spotter scope doesnt work, but there is no battery in so I guess thats why? This was what I have bought on ebay CELESTRON NEX-STAR 4SE COMPUTERISED TELESCOPE on eBay (end time 19-Aug-10 23:48:04 BST) I'm so annoyed with the seller, we are emailing back and forth at the moment. i have asked for a refund now.
  11. I got my Nexstar 4Se today but as it only comes with a 25mm lens, so I was looking maybe buying an 8mm, a 10mm and 12.5 and or a 15mm then I got to thinking why not just get a Meade 4000 series 8mm to 24mm zoom for around a similar price of the indidual ones. Would you advise against it or would this make sense for my uses (mainly moon and planets)
  12. I have a Nexstar 4se coming tommorow and I was wondering if the is some sort of lens that you can buy that corrects the reversed image that it produces, or is this just how people normally view the night sky?
  13. Thanks for the offer, its appreciated. I've just found out my scope won't be here until tomorrow now either ;-(
  14. It's very clear here now, unfortunately, I don't get my scope until tomorrow :-(
  15. That's very kind of you thank you, I am in Doncaster though, but I do aprreciate your kind offer and all your information that you have provided.
  16. Thank you, yes that helps. Initially I will be using it for mainly moon, planets etc rather than DSO so thank you for the information, it's apprciated.
  17. Ok thaks for that. It comes with a 25mm Eyepiece 31.7mm but that's all so thats not a great magnification from my reckoning so think I will need a couple more eyepieces. What exactly is the difference in a Plossl and other eyepieces? (sorry if that's a daft question).
  18. I googled it and found some youtube video's on how to colimate, but thanks anyway. For my 1st scope I'm liking the small amount of space the Nexstar 4se will take and the fact it's an easy to use Goto system and at the price I've paid, i think I've done ok? My next questions will be, what barlow and addition eyepieces would you recommend?
  19. I haven't downloaded stallarium, I wasn't aware of that, but I will now though, thank's for that
  20. Thanks for the Welcome Steve. I'm actually in Adwick le Street so not far from you. I've actually managed to buy today an almost new (still boxed) Nexstar 4SE for £285 So I felt I couldn't pass up on that deal. Cheers
  21. Oh and one last thing, ... I said I was a newbie, when you say "will need collimating" what is collimating?
  22. Oh really! ok, well it looks like a Dobsomian could be a better choice for me then, thanks for all your help guys.
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