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  1. I think I read some where that Jupiters gravitational force has the ability to deflect large objects on a crash course towards earth
  2. acey, Yes I forgot to mention how wonderful the aurora would be. Shame about the meteor showers though, I'd always hoped to go and observe the persied meteor shower there one day when I'm older. But those meteorites sound like something to look forward to. I wouldn't live there though can you imagine the cold, I complain enough as it is. Kelly
  3. I would love to be in Antarctica, apparently it's the best place to observe meteor showers and I would imagine the skies are very clear. kelly
  4. Father Christmas brought Chinese flying lanterns courtesy of e bay, and turn left at Orion.
  5. yh, very handy, my dad uses them when he's fishing kelly
  6. thanks paul and moonraker lol x kelly
  7. lol guys, my mum feels so sorry for me she went and ordered 'turn left at Orion' for my Christmas present. but until then I've been studying the red shift effect and the electromagnetic spectrum for my exams and not to mention my Phillips star map and planisphere. I'm trying to get to the window as often as possible in the night to check out Jupiter and the moon, but it's mostly cloudy; sorry about that. thanks to all, kelly
  8. thanks guys, my dad sorted the spotting scope out this afternoon, so it shouldn't be knocked off again, fingers crossed. but I still think it's worth investing in a red dot finder. as for the eyepieces, when I'm better again I was hoping to get a good view of planets and deep sky objects, but I wasn't sure what kind of eyepieces I would need or if my scope would allow it. thoughts on this would be greatly appreciated. thanks to bigwings, jahmanson and xboxdevil for your inputs. kelly:)
  9. thanks for all the get well wishes means a lot. waiting is frustrating but I still get out of school. I'm doing all my coursework at home to keep me busy and ready for my exams in January, it's physics if you were interested lol. kelly
  10. hey all, I recently got my first telescope, a skywatcher skyliner 150p dobsonian and I was just wondering if any one could help with this little problem I was having with the spotting scope. It keeps getting knocked off, and when I have to reline it again the cross is really awkward. And since Christmas is on the way, I was thinking of getting an easier spotting scope, can anyone recommended a certain type? I was also having trouble with which eyepieces to aim for. I have already got a 20mm plossel, and I was just wondering if it would be worth investing in a Barlow and which magnifaction ey
  11. hi, I love this image of the horse head nebula, I cant wait to get back out and use the scope, even though I wouldn't have a hope of viewing something like this. I'm still getting used to the scope anyway. Orion is one of my favourite constellations, and its no wonder with images like this. kelly
  12. I agree, although I do think that the lanterns look lovely, until they set something else alight. kelly
  13. thanks all, i know the stars will still be there in january +, thanks. kelly
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